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First-time shame on both,
as each was to blame.
But the second time
was filled with pain.

Mistakes made at first,
are now corrected in life.
You turned away when
asked to be my wife.

You are my only true love.
Life without you will be hard.
You shuffled the deck and
gave me a losing card.

Instead of the joy and love
I dreamed we would enjoy.
You treat me as if I were
a broken, worn out toy.

Even though I love you,
this is the final goodbye.
And you will never again
see me suffer and cry.

Preston T. Duckett December 2, 2017
The above verse recorded and written at the
request of a friend for a sad mishap in his life.


The Years come
and the years go.
Later fast and
earlier seem slow.

Take life as it
comes and goes,
sunshine, rain,
sleet or snow.

Make the best of
what God gives,
study his Word
for what it reveals.

Give unto your
Holy Father above,
as you receive,
return his love.

Communicate often
with your Maker.
Strive to be a giver
and not a taker.

Preston T. Duckett December 28, 2017


Sorry, you are not well,
and are coming down
with the can't-help-its,
try a smile don’t frown.

Thursday will be a better day,
after you finish the lunch treats.
Eat your fill of turkey, dressing
and chocolate covered sweets.

Get off your tired feet and legs,
take the worry off your shoulder.
Roll your burdens over to God
and stay warm as it gets colder.

Cheer up, oh little one,
God has it under control.
Now for healing and relief
to him, we must extol.

Praise and Thanksgiving
to the heavens above.
For his wondrous, power,
and his marvelous love.

Preston T. Duckett and all your other Facebook friends.



Christmas comes,
Christmas goes,
observed by many,
everyone knows.

Christ was born,
a bright star told.
Angels to Sheppard’s
“fear not be bold.”

As we celibate
another year,
the world falls
farther into fear.

However, for those
who have belief,
the peace and grace
of God is their relief.

Be among those who
thrive and trust in
Jesus for forgiveness
from all their sin.

If you haven’t done so,
give all of your Soul.
To the Creator of all
and be made whole.

For Jesus on his birthday
the best on the shelf.
Your faith, honor,
love and yourself.

Preston T. Duckett December 13, 2017


It has been a long time for loves
as we meandered through the ages.
Our first loves were until death,
as this one shall be in all cases.

Arguments come from family and friends
that we are too old and set in our ways.
Most of them have a companion with
no lonely nights and empty days.

What we have will be proven genuine
as they tell us it will fade and go cold.
The same argument was in our first,
too young then now it’s too old.

All were wrong on our first loves,
as now they are making a mistake.
Waiting for God to approve our union,
whatever time that shall take.

Lord, it is now entirely up to you,
level the bumps and clear the way.
With your help and approval, we will
be as one no matter what they say.

We dedicate our lives to service for you.
Grant us wisdom, strength, and joy in life.
Honoring your Holy Name, in servitude,
with your blessings as husband and wife.

Preston T. Duckett Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Times come about as God works
in mysterious and wondrous ways.
While we fret and worry what
is coming living in a haze.

Give all your problems
to Jesus, it is for the best.
Leave your troubles and worries
on him, as you relax and rest.

Worries are much too heavy
to carry alone day or night.
When shared with Christ,
The yoke is easy, burden light.

Study to show yourself approved.
Pray and read in God’s word.
Measure against the Bible,
all things you’ve read or heard.

The ticket to Heaven is a gift,
not earned least any should boast.
But rewards are judged on works by
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Preston T. Duckett December 9, 2017


Looking into the flashes of light
sparking in those eyes of green,
Penetrating the depth of the soul,
wondering what it will mean.

Inside your heart, pulsating love,
holding me spellbound and thrilled.
Praying for the fire never to go out
and love never to be chilled.

Gazing out the window at you
counting all the miles in between.
But this cannot be because I feel
you here. Know what I mean?

You fill my mind and soul
with love packing my heart.
When we are not together
dread every minute apart.

Lord help us work it out,
that is all that we need.
Love built in Christ,
as we follow his lead.

Dear Lord as you have
done so oft before.
As one way is closed,
you open another door

Preston T. Duckett October 21, 2017


Thank you, dear for igniting in me
a feeling I no longer could see.
Time with all hope gone
staying at home alone.

You inspired me instead,
with love as we planned ahead.
Life together, we could cope,
increasing new life and hope.

The old became new again
encouraged by a lovely woman.
Made to be someone worthwhile,
able to face life with a smile.

Allowed to be different and bold,
more than just desperate and old.
Trudging thru day and night
separating wrong from right.

Wisdom and courage now in place
giving strength to finish the race.
Whatever the future may bring,
Summer, Winter, Fall or Spring.

Preston T. Duckett December 18, 2017


An amazing blast of red
covered the Eastern run.
Bright red clouds moving
in lockstep with the Sun.

moving to a fluffy white,
darkening traveling away
into the remainder of the night,
as dawn burst into the day.

Starring in awe admiring
paintings by God’s hand.
From high up in the sky
gazing down on the land.

Been missing the brilliance
of Sunrise by sleeping late.
Trying to remedy that by
Retiring to bed by eight.

Early to bed and
early to rise
Makes a man healthy
wealthy and wise.

Do not think
I am wiser a bit.
But feel better
when I do it.

Get up early and
greet the Sun.
Pray to the Father
and to the Son.

Preston T. Duckett December 14, 2017


In the October of your life
and the December of mine.
During that first meeting
Our hearts did entwine.

In a dimly lit corner
we huddled in a booth
can not what Cafe or
where to tell the truth.

You ate out of my dish
and fed me from yours.
Seated by my side, heart
racing as if on a first tour.

Ordered a single dessert,
You smeared my mouth with cream
and said you would get it off
and with a kiss as if in a dream.

With half the cherry in your mouth,
Saying now come for more.
Our lips met again even
sweeter than before.

Awoke with a sudden jolt
caressing my pillow, I fell
Fell asleep again into a
dream too pleasant to tell.

Asked the clerk at check out
oh yes, one thing still,
add a jar of candy cherries
To that final bill.

Preston T. Duckett Thursday, December 21, 2017


Thank you for another Christmas Day
you have allowed me eighty-four.
Neither do I, nor do I want to know
the number of days or years more.

I wish only the knowledge and strength
to commit to what you desire,
for me to accomplish in this life and
allowed to finish before time to expire.

Desiring, after death, to spend eternity
In worship with no sickness or tears.
Our work will have just begun
After being there thousands of years.

“Well done thou good and faithful servant.”
Are words we long to hear from our Host
As we go about with praise and glory to
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Preston T. Duckett Monday, December 25, 2017


Life is short
even when long.
Seems just to begin
and then it is gone.

Never thought of
getting to eighty-four.
But now looking
for just a few more.

In the winter of life
with snow on the roof
and around the chin.
Need no more proof.

Life starts ever so slowly
accelerates at twenty-one.
Coast along taking for granted
life, marriage, sports, and fun.

The big five-o slips up and
slaps you in the face.
Midlife crisis hits hard and
you struggle to stay in the race.

Small things are now utmost
as values began to change.
Christ becomes dominant,
the life you endure to rearrange.

Money is no longer the
demanding, dominant force.
Closer now time to die and
trying for Heaven of course.

Preston T. Duckett December 21, 2017


Jesus received beatings
and hung on a tree.
Did all of this so
you and I could be free.

He died, but he arose
again on the third day.
As forgiveness for Sins,
Jesus paved the way,

Jesus is full of mercy, love,
kindness and is the best.
So we are letting you know Devil,
You will not win and can not rest.

Check out John 3:16: God so loved the
world that He gave His only begotten Son,
that whosoever believes in Him should
not perish but have everlasting life.

We have read the last chapter in
God’s Holy Word, we know the end.
You are chained and thrown into Hell
and Jesus was the best one to send.

Preston T. Duckett February 4, 2018


We share a love pure and kind,
leaving no one behind.
Widowed as we both disdain,
now our love is hard to restrain.

Working it out with Devine help.
In prayer and asking what to accept.
As we proceed with building our love,
with Heavenly acceptance from above.

What makes ours different is the ease
with which it came and seemed to please.
You were easy to love with no regret.
problems are solved, or we forget.

Looking forward to our first date,
wondering our acceptance rate.
No problems anticipated except our ability.
Searching the hearts for a life of compatibility.

Preston T. Duckett Saturday, February 3, 2018


Precious Lord
hold my hand,
Guide me in
this pilgrim land.

Your will and
not mine,
be done in
troubled time.

Let your Spirit
be my guide.
As each day in
this life I ride.

Let me write what
is true and good.
Encouraging others
daily if I could.

Let me not be led by
what I have heard.
But by what I read
in your Holy Word.

Preston T. Duckett February 3, 2018


Heavenly Father we know
we can not see your face.
As we observe the sky
but we can feel your grace.

And your handiwork in the
clouds of shapes and designs.
Ever changing and moving,
evolving pictures and lines.

In a kaleidoscope of
gigantic proportions.
With none ever the same
altering by your notions.

As daytime diminishes
fading into twilight.
Sparkling stars appear
with the moon at night.

Awed by your creations
as they follow your plan.
Giving infinite beauty
enjoyed by beast and man.

Preston T. Duckett February 6, 2018


Memory, Memory, don’t fail me now.
Make this real as time will allow
Take me back to a simpler time
Make the subject fit the rhyme

Back to those delicate School house days
That put the pressure to mold my ways
Subjects pressed on us in History long past
Stories and poems, never to be surpassed.

The primary three R’s sternly taught
Memorization of the times tables fought.
Multiplication, division, adding and subtraction
Fractions and algebra never did with satisfaction

The only things that seemed to hold my attention
The puppy love notes to girls I will not mention.
Days full and with a lot more pizzas and charm
Carry her books, walk her home, save her from harm.

Stop by Tasty Freeze for a cone or split a shake
Two straws forcing closeness, the day did make.
Holding hands as we walked around the park
Praying the sun to shine on, home before dark

Memory, memory, please don’t fail me now
Have to remember all these scenes somehow.
A time that was “footloose and fancy-free.”
Holding hands, walking barefoot by the sea.

Preston T. Duckett 1/25/16


Meeting for the first time
in a Dinner, near a wall.
Gazing into the other's eyes,
never moving them at all.

Sensing the waitress standing
by with a degree of strife.
She asked “do you need a minute,”
you answered “the rest of our life.”

I winked at her and asked for
coffee and slipped her a twenty.
Asked her how long would
that give us, she said plenty.

We laughed and clasped hands
still gazing into the other's soul,
With a degree of love neither felt
before nor had ever been told.

The waitress returned with
coffee refills as we held hands.
Staring into each other's eyes,
talking and making plans.

Another refill and a warning of
closing in one hour, it seems.
As we engulfed in planning
plans and scheming schemes.

Got up to leave as the last light
extinguished and flickered out.
Leaving the Dinner with one
last farewell hand holding bout.

An uneasy feeling flooded my
mind as I awoke with a start.
Realizing the dream was over
and it was time for us to part.

Preston T. Duckett Friday, January 26, 2018


Real love is true,
sweet and pleasing.
Considering your partner
even sometimes teasing.

Love is for enjoyment,
should never be a drag.
Husbands never refer to her
as my old lady or as a nag.

Treat her with respect,
awe, love, and cheer.
Place her on a pedestal,
and always call her dear.

Cuddle with her
whenever she is near.
Then she will not resent
bringing you a beer.

Or cleaning up after the
big game with friends.
Cooking, doing laundry,
or other wifely trends.

You can never treat her
with too much respect.
Sure beats arguing, fighting
yelling, and pouting with regret.

No marriage can be perfect
in every day and every year.
But care love and devotion
makes it a lot more dear.

Preston T. Duckett January 28, 2018


When it is right do it,
keep your candle lit.
Stay on the narrow path
away from God’s wrath

Do good and share
showing you always care.
Do good to all you meet;
always nice and sweet.

Give of your own accord
a tenfold return is your reward.
Keep things on the upbeat
speak positively to all you greet.

Give of yourself and your wealth
It will return to your good health,
Satan will try to undo your good,
stop it all together if he could.]

So forge ahead do your best
let God handle the rest.
Make all you see and greet
feel better when you meet.

Share it will be given back
in an even more massive pack.
God, you can never out give,
no matter how long you live

Preston T. Duckett 1/3/16


Love is unpredictable
complicated and fast.
We all need and want
a love that will last.

Love is not a frame of mind,
it is practical and a gift.
A gift that you must
work daily to avoid a rift.

Always remember to
tell your spouse daily
of all your love
not sadly but gaily,

Kiss goodbye as you
head for the door.
Turn back and
caress once more.

At work call home
here is what to do.
Say “lately have I told
you that I love you."

Works better than
flowers or candy,
Remembered longer
and is very handy.

Preston T. Duckett February 6, 2018


Memory, Memory, don’t fail me now.
Make this real as time will allow
Take me back to a simpler time
Make the subject fit the rhyme

Back to those delicate School house days
That put the pressure to mold my ways
Subjects pressed on us in History long past
Stories and poems, never to be surpassed.

The primary three R’s sternly taught
Memorization of the times tables fought.
Multiplication, division, adding and subtraction
Fractions and algebra never did with satisfaction

The only things that seemed to hold my attention
The puppy love notes to girls I will not mention.
Days full and with a lot more pizzas and charm
Carry her books, walk her home, save her from harm.

Stop by Tasty Freeze for a cone or split a shake
Two straws forcing closeness, the day did make.
Holding hands as we walked around the park
Praying the sun to shine on, home before dark

Memory, memory, please don’t fail me now
Have to remember all these scenes somehow.
A time that was “footloose and fancy-free.”
Holding hands, walking barefoot by the sea.

Preston T. Duckett 1/25/16


Spend my time
gazing thru a haze,
of lonely nights,

and troubling days.

Can I confess
that I miss you?
You bet your
Heart I do.

Starring into the
black of night.
Wondering was I
wrong or right.

Could we have
changed any faults.
However, we forged
ahead like two old salts.

Praying for God’s will,
in what he is showing.
And all this time our
love keeps growing.

Preston T. Duckett February 3, 2018


Thank you, Lord, for
allowing us this day.
And the wisdom to use
it in the correct way.

As we arise and enjoy
a daily talk with you
Our first cup of coffee
offering you what is due.

Delighting in your creations,
holding the Bible tight.
The talk with you helps
start the day off right.

Continue to bless your
children with your Word.
Praises to you by us and,
from the songs of a bird.

Fill our hearts with your love,
as we return the love to you.
Guide and direct our minds
and thoughts to keep us true.

Thank you again for this day,
let us be a light and guide.
Leading a soul to forgiveness,
and a home in Heaven's abode.

Preston T. Duckett February 4, 2018


Look out Daddy; your little girl
is growing up. Yes, your little pearl.
Is being stalked by another’s hand.
Someone you can not even stand.

No one in this whole full world
is good enough for your little girl.

Clean your guns and sharpen the knives.
People are out there looking for wives.

Nothing has changed ever since the world began.
Same as when you got your wife now it starts again.
Your wife’s Dad felt the same about her and you.
The daughter always does what she wants to do.

You can not plan it you can not expect to correct it.
So figure everyone has to live so grin and bear it.
Get ready Dad to tolerate the Empty Nest.
Make an effort to do it just like all the rest.

Preston T. Duckett February 5, 2018


Beauty is waiting in the wings
standing by sweet and clear.
Powerful lady, resilient and
pliable, yet delicate and dear.

She’s circled the block
more than a time or two.
Had failures and heartbreak,
remains honest and true.

When times get tough,
she protects my back.
Peps my mind and spirit
even when hers is slack.

Wakes me each morning
puts me to bed at night.
Makes coffee, plans meals
assures that I eat right.

Assists me on Facebook,
my writings she proofreads.
She is my right hand,
caring for all my needs.

Should not expect any more
but in spite of it all, I do.
With her work finished,
I always find something new.

Instead of getting angry and upset
she just grins and shows a smile.
When I ask her to go yard for me
she always goes an extra mile.

Preston T. Duckett February 5, 2018


Heaven looks down
on the mess we create.
As we complain about
problems we generate.

Blaming God for storms,
rain sleet and snow.
Never considering it
is to make things grow.

God created the world,
everything in balance.
Giving humanity wisdom,
understanding and talents.

His Word teaches all who
read and consume.
While others approach
with what they assume.

Understanding Gods
methods and reasons,
is when we can fully
understand the Seasons.

There is a purpose for
all things created.
And with balance
Everything’s rated.

God has the answers
if only we will believe.
His wisdom is real and
ready for us to receive.

So worship the Holy God
love, trust and obey.
For the best of this world,
there is no other way.

Preston T. Duckett January 25, 2018


Love, you can not buy,
beg, borrow or steal,
but when it’s free,
it's euphoria you feel.

Love may render
you as helpless,
if not freely given
and can be hopeless.

Love is more than
passion in many ways.
It makes you both
exist in a daze.

Looking deeper into
the aspects of life.
When you’ll become
husband and wife.

For perfect love tilt
your head and nod.
Look up and give
everything to God.

Preston T. Duckett January 25, 2018



My October lady,
love of my old age.
Dealing with wisdom,
knowledge, and sage.

Ours is not the
love of youth,
based on lust but
on reality and truth.

Youthful love is
fleeting and passion.
Our love is deep
and everlasting.

Let us take life
one day at a time.
Living to the fullest
a love real and divine.

Preston T. Duckett January 27, 2018


As your children, God
we face another Sunday.
Will it be for our pleasure
or for worship on your day.

To all those attend services
please give travel protection.
May, the Pastor of each Church,
manifest the Spirits conviction.

Please guide and direct
Your Ministers part,
the words of his mouth
and the meditations of heart.

Give us wisdom and understanding,
and may do everything within your will.
Let us meet with you each day.
With reverence and a heart that is still.

Hold our hand lest we fall,
guide our feet on the narrow path.
Keep us in your Word and light,
as not to stumble and face your wrath.

Humble our hearts, actions, and deeds,
to always praise your Holy Name.
Once we accept Jesus Christ as Lord,
may we never return to sin and shame.

Preston T. Duckett January 28, 2018


Sometimes early
at morning sunrise.
I call your name
And ask your advice.

When my talks with
you are over this day.
Quietly I listen for
what you have to say.

You whisper to me
in a gentle breeze.
Moving ever so softly
leaves in the trees.

Sometimes answers are
heard in songs of love.
From your tiny creatures,
as on the wings of a dove.

On those days when
I am out of your will.
The answer comes
as a breath of chill.

Then forgiveness gently
floods over my soul.
And in your arms again
feeling safe and whole.

Preston T. Duckett January 30, 2018


Speak to me
love of my life.
Trust in Jesus to
remove trouble and strife.

Love is great even
better when shared.
Love even sweeter
than we ever dared.

Now that we
have met.
How much
better can it get?

Even as beautiful
as love is.
Even better when
We are his.

Keep God in your
love and relation.
Avoid undue suffering,
pain, and retaliation.

Study Gods Holy Word
for the marriage plan.
Instructions for every
woman and man.

Preston T. Duckett January 27, 2018


Matters not how smart you are
there is always someone wiser.
No matter how stingy you are,
there is always a bigger miser.

No matter how deep your pain
someone is always hurt worse.
If you have a string of bad luck,
some have a more in-depth curse.

If you are suffering from an
extremely broken heart.
Someone always has one
that is broken wider apart.

When you are lonely
and left all alone.
Some have lost all
and now has no home.

Give not into the world,
hold your head up high.
Our reward is Jesus, as
we meet him in the Sky.

Preston T. Duckett January 30, 2018


Back in the time
in my young life.
I was full of me
flirting with strife.

Times were when
back in the hills.
Dipping into sin,
seeking thrills.

Out of step with
family and friends.
To often seeking
life’s new trends.

Miserable is spirit
away from God.
Saved by his Grace
chastened by his rod.

Trust in the Trinity
the three in one.
The Father, Spirit,
and the Holy Son.

Preston T. Duckett January 30, 2018


Lord, give me wisdom

to tame my tongue.
From the ladder of words
choose only the top rung.

Make the lower steps
out of mind and speech.
When talking to those
you wish us to reach.

Make our words
attempt to teach.
Avoiding the
desire to preach.

Humble our heart,
soul and minds.
Exhorting only the
love that binds.

“Let the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be acceptable in Your sight.
O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.”
New King James-Psalms 19:14.

Preston T. Duckett February 1, 201


Today has been
a sleepy old day.
Sitting on the porch
warm as in May.

Like an old Hound dog,
sleeping in the Sun.
Can’t stay awake
and too old to run.

Did not get much
accomplished for sure.
Another cup of coffee
trying to endure.

Think I’ll just skip today,
start again tomorrow.
Get some happiness
I don’t like sorrow.

My get up and go
got up and went.
Sleep today, tomorrow
worry about the rent.

Preston T. Duckett February 2, 2018


Forgive those that
sin against you.
As Jesus forgives
the sins you do.

The Bible instructs
us along this line.
And there two
reasons this is fine.

One is as per the
Bible, God’s Word.
Two it drives them
crazy as a cuckoo bird.

Shower your enemies
with God’s Holy Love.
They’ll never understand,
but rewards come from above.

Use discretion with forgiveness,
Learn from past sins of a friend.
Forgive them but try not to give
an opportunity to mistreat again.

Preston T. Duckett January 31, 2018


Pride in yourself
precedes a fall.
Pride in others
is the best of all.

Proud of a friend
for achievements.
Let him know by
your compliments.

Honor your wife on
food embellishment.
Beauty, stylish dress,
and even temperament.

Pride in your children
For school activity.
Helping at home and
elderly in the vicinity.

Brag about the children
For being well dressed.
Polite, well mannered,
leaving others impressed.

Always be complimentary,
positive, and uplifting.
Giving others a subtle feeling,
keeping friends from shifting.

Preston T. Duckett January 31, 2018


Six more weeks of winter,
old Phil is supposed to know.
The groundhog saw his shadow,
meaning more freezing and snow.

Just have to bundle up and stay warm,
we will not have to suffer as bad,
in South Alabama as the North,
some folks remain snowed in, that’s sad.

Placing us in the middle of March
the early warming to enjoy.
Then will come the April showers
growing those beautiful May flowers.

Spring is for all to enjoy,
before the hot summer dog days.
Then comes the leaf coloring of fall,
and again we have winters ways.

So it goes month after month and
Day after day and night after night,
Until called to our home in the sky
for perfect weather and Holy Son light.

Preston T. Duckett February 2, 2018


With self-pity it is
impossible to stay well.
It will drag you into
the very depths of hell.

Negativity or pity of self,
will drive friends away.
Leaving you alone
by yourself to stay.

Don’t give in to self but
pity the sick and lame,
who’s pain and sickness
often put yours to shame.

Count your blessings instead,
and Praise the Lord each day.
Let the Holy Spirit lead your
thoughts and actions all the way.

Preston T. Duckett February 1, 2018


Thinking of you, drifting into sleep,
our time together, both high and deep.
Times together at the teenage hop,
one malt, two straws at the soda shop.

Walking home from Church Sunday night,
hand in hand, dodging limbs, holding tight.
Pausing behind trees and steal a kiss,
those are just some of the things I miss.

Also, those long lazy summer afternoon trips
loud and off-key singing coming from our lips.
Radio was blaring with our favorite songs until night.
With windows open, hair blowing, everything was right.

What happened to those great times of old,
not a time to be timid, we both were bold.
Driving wide open, Ship Ahoy, full speed ahead,
disappointed, suddenly waking alone in my bed.

Preston T. Duckett Thursday, February 8, 2018


This is not for your birthday
and not for the Valentine way.
From a sixty-nine year trend,
this is for being a good friend,

Interrupted by a young blonde,
of which I became very fond.
She had those eyes of blue,
and to her, I had to be true.

Before she and I were wed,
You married another instead.
Sixty-four years inside the gate,
for you, mine lasted for fifty-eight.

Both are widowed now and alone,
catching up by use of the phone.
From time to time a dinner date,
believing it is never too late.

So now we are friends once again
Starting over from where we began.
This time let’s be sure and get it right,
even if we have to talk all night.

Preston T. Duckett February 12, 2018


Sweethearts of all ages,
show love in every way.
On one day that is special,
and that is Valentine's day.

From a simple heart shaped
memento to chocolate candy,
flowers or expensive dinners,
any and all ways are dandy.

Do not forget the special
sweetheart in your life,
significant other or
your lovely devoted wife.

A Valentine is an excellent
opportunity to show love.
Opening some closed doors
that only need a simple shove.

Miss, not an excellent chance,
letting them know that you care.
Could be one out there that is
seeking a life with you to share.

A reminder for all lovers,
large medium or small.
Valentine day or any other,
God's love extends to all.

Preston T. Duckett February 10, 2018


Grandma had a loving heart
that was strong and beat steady
For a total of ninety-five years,
God called, and she was ready.

Grandma left a lot of memories
For everyone, she met on life’s way.
A word for all some kind or not
whatever she thought she would say.

Grandma had a big kind heart
And in tribute and memory her way
Now we would like to give you
a token heart on this her memorial day.

A thousand years it will take at least

of wandering those golden streets,
For grandma to see all those gone before
and catch up with all those she meets.

Grandma, you will be missed by
family and friends left here on earth.
But you will see again very soon
all those born again you helped rebirth.

Preston T. Duckett February 10, 2018


Some were large, some were small,
Some were short, some were tall.
It matters not the color of skin.
Some strangers, some were kin.

Some were skinny some were fat.
None were ugly you can bet on that.
The eyes are called windows to the soul.
So you can see what makes them whole.

You’ll look there if you’re smart.
Beauty comes from the heart.
Inter beauty covers a multitude of sin.
When you meet others look within.

Some a friend, some a lover.
Never judge a book by the cover.
Look for the beauty of the heart.
don’t get the horse behind the cart.

When we meet let it not be a surprise,
when you find me gazing into your eyes.
I hope that is what you will find.
When looking deeply into mine.

Preston T. Duckett 3/7/18


You’re easy to love,
that is so easy to see.
I fell head over heels,
when you first met me.

Was not very long before
we maneuvered ways.
To see each other in scarce
minutes every few days.

Those rare times are
sacred beyond belief.
As they avail themselves,
it is with great relief.

To find love this late
in life is a blessing.
To once again enjoy
touching and caressing.

Old folks treasure all
tender moments collected.
And take it as not probable,
with the young, it’s expected.

A friendly smile or hello,
or just a gentle touch.
To those of that are older,
it can mean so much.

Keep these thoughts in mind
as our paths cross on the street.
Kindness does not cost so
give a little to all you meet.

Preston T. Duckett Tuesday, March 6, 2018


What times do I love you?
In the morning before,
getting out of bed,
at breakfast even more.

Noontime comes and
I love you then.
Can not remember any
time love hasn’t been.

My love is always yours
when near or far away.
It appears our love will
always be here to stay.

I'll love you more tomorrow
than I loved you today.
And it appears it will
always be this way.

Evermore is increasing,
continually growing.
In strength and time,
as we are ever Showing.

It will increase until
the day of our dying,
and even then it will,
continually be trying.

Proving what God has
put in our heart.
No power on earth
will ever tear it apart.

Preston T. Duckett February 23, 2018


Love is, was and
should be what
makes the world
go round and round.

Not many other subjects
can cause as much
controversy and
confusion, perplexity,
puzzlement, confinement
imprisonment and freedom
all rolled up into one bundle.

Love is Heaven for some
and Hell for others it
all depends on the
attitude and relinquishment
willing to be accepted
and accomplished by
the parties involved,
said mystification of love.

Preston T. Duckett February 22, 2018


The prettiest, nicest, sweetest women I have ever known.
Came from the Mountains, wonderfully country grown.
Now I know there is beauty, in women from every State,
but those from the Mountains always appear extra great.

They work with the family, love, dependable and true,
faithful to one man only, and the red white and blue.
This combination of beauty and love not easily found.
Thrifty with their spending, minds, and hearts are sound.

Suppose today I desire to make a choice and pick a new mate,
It would be a Mountain woman that I would look for to date.
So Mountain Women keep in mind, if you’re single, seventy or above.
I’m visiting North Carolina soon, searching for an everlasting love.

Be prepared, either be available or run the other way and hide.
Else turn around one bright day and this old man may be at your side.

Preston T. Duckett October 10, 2015,


I was in love in high school,
living in a small southern town.
In a bigger city were College and girls
and there were none I turned down.

Trips to the alter made and broken,
so many campus beauties all around.
Picked one then another and each
made me float up off the ground.

I would fall in and out of love several
times a day. If she smiled, I was gone.
But when I saw how big her boyfriend
was I would back off and stay alone.

Never stopped me from loving though,
heartbreak after heartbreak was my duty.
More than I could endure so I went home
and fell in love with a local beauty.

Kept changing from one to another puppy love,
until cupid shot me in the heart with an arrow.
The pretty little blue-eyed blonde I’d left behind,
was the one keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Preston T. Duckett Saturday, March 3, 2018


When I am with you,
it returns me to my youth
however, more maturity now
and that is the truth.

More room for
give and take,
for that reason a
change it will make.

With maturity comes the
newness of love for another.
Youth is on "me and mine,"
love is about each other.

Wouldn’t it be better

for all concerned
if we knew this before
it had to be learned?

The making of mistakes
Is a great learning tool,
If we gain wisdom
and not play the fool.

Now that we are older,
our love will thrive,
with new vitality for
as long as we survive.

Preston T. Duckett February 20, 2018


Keep the faith
believe in Jesus
Death, burial, and

Christ died to
forgive our sins.
By belief in Him
everyone wins.

He is our hope
of eternal life.
Give Him you're all
have less strife.

Love always is
the perfect way.
Honor God with
all we do and say.

The Word teaches
faith hope and love.
And the greatest
of these is love.

I Corinthians 13:13 NIV

Preston T. Duckett February 20, 2018


Early morning at Sunrise
good intention it shows.
Prayerfully telling God
what He already knows.

However, it helps me
getting it off my chest.
Telling Jesus gives me
peace, comfort, and rest.

Who else can solve illness
and problems for you,
and make bad as fine and
old things good as new.

For any of your problems ask
Jesus, he will not resist.
When you’re weak and low
let Him strengthen and assist.

Trouble, not your self with
concern, anxiety, or stress.
Give it to Jesus and leave
it there and worry less.

Preston T. Duckett February 21, 2018


A stop, off-season, at a Destin beach site.
Deciding to stroll before it became night.
Walking side by side, holding hands in hand
an afternoon breeze along the white sugar sand.

With soft, waves rolling gently up to our feet.

Lazy afternoon to avoid the midday heat

Sun sank into the ocean in the West.
Of many walks, this one was the best.

The gentle waves sound with whispers of love.
Time stood still as stars appeared above.
Embraced, enjoying a kiss with an endeavor
to extend time, making the moment lasts forever.
Embracing standing motionless in the sand.
In memory, waking with you hand in hand.

Preston T. Duckett 9/29/16


Thank you, Lord,
For this lovely day.
Warm sun on my back,
Beautiful in every way.

I Felt your presence
by a breath of cold air.
See your creations in the sky.
On the land and everywhere.

Worship not the creation

but the Creator for his glory,
The ability to coordinate and His
Word is telling The Old, Old Story.

Of Jesus and His mighty love,
and awesome power of salvation.
That can be neither bought nor earned.
But freely given by love and revelation.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us a path
to Your deliverance from a life of sin.
By your gift on the Cross so mortals can
face eternity and in Heaven live again.

Preston T. Duckett Saturday, March 3, 2018


We have been blessed
beyond other nations today.
And not given the least credit
to God for his Devine way.

When we let them take God out
Of our Schools and yet we cry,
aloud when things happen
and ask why God Why?

We create problems ourselves
when we're pushed to the brink,
By Political Correctness and
fearing what a minority may think,

Power deleted and taken from our
Police, Military, Parents, and Schools.
We are not allowed to teach Gods Word,
and forbidden to set and enforce rules.

Attempting to set children guidelines
parents fear the long arm of the law’s reach.
Churches and religious leaders try to cover the
gap and receive criticism for what they preach.

We are our own worst enemies by far,
we tremble and are stunned and shaken.
Thinking it is no big deal until we realize
that our very last freedom has been taken.

Preston T. Duckett Friday, February 23, 2018


Thank you, Lord, for
the small sunshine ray
peeping thru the clouds
a reminder of a better day.

Same as the rainbow,
in the sky after the rain
sign of your promise never
to destroy by water again.

The pure magnitude of your power,
magnified by thunders rumble,
and lightning, flashing
combining to keep us humble.

Discussions from time to time
about the world's destruction
by fire next time and how we
can obtain good instruction.

Would it be by the atom bomb
or other types of atomic stands.
But sincerely all God needs do
is say the word or clap his hands.

This world would go in a
billow of smoke and ruin.
And all God had to do was to
speak it out as he spoke it in.

Preston T. Duckett February 26, 2018


Greeted by a grey dawn day,
Swirling fog heavy with gloom.
Clouds covered the sky,
adding to a feeling of doom.

Relief came from the Sun,
in the form of rays of light.
Burning away the smog
as it slowly takes flight.

Much as is the tempest
dwelling within our soul.
Dark foreboding thoughts
trying to eradicate our goal.

Light from Heaven floods
all our being and thought.
Dispersing darkness and gloom
replacing with what we aught.

God is our redeemer and delight.
brushing away our despair.
Placing instead in our heart
greetings and love to share.

Look on the bright side
In all, we do and say.
Thinking positive
will light our way.

Preston T. Duckett February 17, 2018


Our Father in Heaven
thank You for Holy love,
Forgiveness, and peace,
symbolized by the dove.

Thank You for the Holy Spirit,
giving us wisdom and resolution.
Enabling us to carry out Your will
bringing about the right solution.

Thank You for Your Son, who
bleed and died for sins of the lost.
Covered over with his blood,
when crucified on Calvary’s Cross,

Thank You that all we need do,
is trust in Jesus, confess our sins.
And know he died, was buried and
arose on day three to make amends.

Confess, ask forgiveness and believe,
no amount of money or works can achieve
this lofty goal for you except trusting
Jesus Christ your sin-debt to relieve.

Open your heart to Jesus today
trust in the Triune Godhead as host.
Consisting of The Heavenly Father,
The Son, and The Holy Ghost.

Preston T. Duckett March 8, 2018


Early morning raining hard,
time for coffee and time to pray.
In reverse order, pray and sip,
thankful for another day.

Thanking God it’s raining hard,
cleansing pollen from the yard.
Washing the leaves of trees.
reducing allergies, Lord, please.

The same God that created the universe,
also set in motion precise resolvable
solutions for any and all workings of
His universe that for us are irresolvable.

After the storm has departed and clouds are gone,
then it’s the sweet clean fragrance after a rain.
And a sigh of from those with joint problems
feeling the joy and wonder of less pain.

Thank you, Lord, for Your preparations
as we arise and greet each new day.
Refreshed, revived, exhilarated as we
study what Your Word has to say.

Preston T. Duckett Tuesday, March 6, 2018


It took me a while but I
know what I been missing
Since I was away, it’s
your hugging and kissing.

I have missed a lot, but there is
one thing I have been knowing.
Should have stayed at home
and kept the home fires glowing.

Money and jobs are important
but nothing to compare to you.
And if you don’t take me back
don’t know what I will do.

Please take me back just
this one more time.
I am out of words,
to make a rhyme.

Preston T. Duckett February 24, 2018


Love is an upper; it steps
in when you’re down.
It puts a smile on your
face and removes a frown.

Love picks the best times
to offer something new.
Like my being low
before I met you.

After love everything is
sunshine and roses.
You turned my life around
ready now for its proposes.

Thinking of our walk
in the park.
Enhances feelings now
happy as a lark.

This love will last
till our dying day.
I love you, darling,
is all I know to say.

Preston T. Duckett February 26, 2018


Sitting in a swing,
kissing in the rain.
Getting soaking wet
for the most fun yet.

Smooching in the Spring
the missing question of a ring.
We will get to that later,
with someone to cater.

Summer temperatures rising,
Love getting seriously surprising.
Now in the creek to wade,
kissing again later in the shade.

In the fall as the leaves began to fall.
Changing colors while standing tall.
Most beautiful time of the year.
Causing sweethearts to draw near.

Winter time with snow on the ground,
cold freezing temperatures all around.
Standing close dropping to one knee,
“would you please keep kissing me.”

Preston T. Duckett February 24, 2018


An early spring Sunday
getting out of Town.
With car radio going
windows rolled down

Finding dirt roads not
traveled before.
And some that we had,
in those days of yore.

Memories flashing thru
our minds like a movie.
In black and white back
when things were groovy.

Bridge out up ahead,
swinging on another dirt
road instead and knowing
the way never hurt.

Those Sunday drives when we
were young and unafraid.
Mastering the curves and hills
knowing we had it made

Getting home just in

time to wash off the dust.
Promised would get you
there in time or bust.

Holding hands behind the
hymnal, lustily singing bold.
Touching hands knowing our
love would never grow old.

Preston T. Duckett February 27, 2018


Heavenly Father your Grace
and your omnipotent power.
Gives us much more than
being a speck for an hour.

You know when a little sparrow
falls from the air upon the ground.
You judge us as higher than the bird
So you surely know we are around.

We betray your teachings of the Word,
You love us and forgive our misdeed.
With a belief in Your Son, His death,
burial and resurrection are all we need.

Your unfaltering love holds us up
even when we stumble and fall.
You pick us up and dust us off
set us back up and forgive us all.

Thank you, Father, for all you do.
The blessings you patiently share
to Your creations even when none
are deserved, for your love so rare.
May we receive what you give to us with,
gratitude, love, and a heart that’s tendered.
Praise Your Holy Name forever and
allow us to be grateful for that rendered.

Preston T. Duckett February 24, 2018


Last evening as
I tossed in my bed,
Disturbed by past
sins piled on my head.

In desperation calling
oh! God, and Savior
How can I expect your
forgiveness and favor?

Sins are covering me
and they are so vile.
Lord how can I survive
under this arduous pile.

A voice came echoing
from His Holy Word.
“Come up here with
me my child.” I heard.

Feeling shame and despair
I grasped his hand.
And was pulled upward
from this troubled land.

I am filthy Lord, all
covered with sin I know.
But looking back all I could
see was white as snow.

This is what I see when
I look down on a saved soul.
The blood of my Son
washes and makes it whole.
For the guarantee of sins
being totally forgiven.
Look up toward the
Eternal Gates of Heaven.

Believe in your Heart that Jesus
died on the Cross as the way,
of His sacrificial death burial,
and resurrection, on the third day,

arose paving the way to join with
the Trinity of the Heavenly Host
Composed of God the Father,
Jesus the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Preston T. Duckett February 22, 2018


Almighty God,
Praise Your name.
Creator of the Universe
one in the same.

Holy Jesus Christ,
Savior of the World.
Raised from the dead,
as his majesty unfurled.

Omnipresent Holy Spirit
teacher, leader, and guide.
Replacement of conscience
Leaving no place to hide.

The Trinity Godhead
our heavenly Host.
The Father, The Son,
And The Holy Ghost.

Preston T. Duckett February 15, 2018


Thank you, Lord,
for a beautiful day.
Rain clouds have
all gone away.

Sunshine in the day
is as your Son appears
in our lives daily,
leaving none in arrears.

All who believe Jesus,
lived, was crucified,
died, was buried and
arose on the third day.

Everyone that believes
In his heart this way,
gains life eternally,
forever, and a day.

Give your Heart
To Jesus this day.
To gain Heaven
there’s no other way.

Preston T. Duckett February 27, 2018


I loved you then
and I love you now.
I don’t know why
don’t know how.

Don’t remember how
or when we met.
Always been with you
and have no regret.

You were just the kid
on the farm next door
up the road, just
a mile or more.

Pulling your pigtails or
chunking clods of dirt.
But never with anything
that would cause hurt.

The draft board called
And I went away.
When I returned,
came home to stay.

You were a woman
where a child had stood.
I knew then that I loved
you and always would.

Preston T. Duckett February 18, 2018


Husbands, as the song says
“Kiss an angel good morning.”
let her know you love her
All day without warning.

Snuggle up close to her
Don’t be such a grouch.
Slip your arm around her
sitting on the couch.

With her back to you
sneak up behind her,
and steal a kiss from
the back of her neck.

Walking thru the woods
always be holding hands.
As you did before there
were martial demands.

Stay on your honeymoon
for the rest of your life.
After all, you loved her
enough to be your wife.

Keep the love fresh and new
court her with all your might
Saves a lot of headaches
when you kiss goodnight.

Preston T. Duckett February 18, 2018



Be not the first
to take up the new.
Nor the last to
lay down the old.

Meditate and pray
on each decision
that happens to
come your way.

Make a stand
when you are
in the right not
when in the wrong.

Greet People with
a smile each day.
It will generate theirs
when they see yours.

The optimist sees noon
as half a day left.
The pessimist sees noon
as the day half gone.

Look at life from
the lighter side.
Much more fun than
being seriously dull

Laugh and the world
laughs with you.
Weep, and you just
mess up your makeup.

Preston T. Duckett February 18, 2018


Love in the hook that
fastens a household.
Without the glue of
love spirits may fold.

Courtesy, manners,
civility, and amity
All part of love, and
without, is a calamity.

There is the love of everyone,
covered by friendship.
Then we have “in love,"
deeper than a kinship.

In love has more desire,
a profound need to satisfy,
our partner or mate,
which helps to gratify.

The need of every person,
is the need for affection.
A passionate presentation
for love and gratification.

Preston T. Duckett February 27, 2018


Happy birthday to you this day and may we share many more.
After seventy years have passed and you’re back to being my girl.
Started on this journey when we were young and tender.
You at the age of fourteen, I was of the opposite gender.

Shy and bashful as we both were, this changed as we became bold.
We grew apart as time went by and we started growing old.
Then came the biggest change ii all the days of our life.
You chose another Husband, and I chose another wife.

The silence between us was long and often I wondered about you.
What you were doing and if I contacted you what would we do?
I hoped you were happy but in your heart, you had left a hitch.
Wondered often if you thought that you would like to switch.

The years ground on as time so often does and it begins to fly.
My wife passed away five years later it was your husbands time to die.
Now we are together again because of a picture of my friend and brother.
You called and offered it to me, picking up as we left off like no other.
So please allow me to wish for you the happiest Birthday ever,
And may our deep affection continue to grow and endeavor.

Preston T. Duckett February 19, 2018


We met and fell in love; she is a veterinarian,
However, she is also a strict vegetarian.
I prefer to be carnivorous by nature you see.
Steak and potatoes now that’s for me.

Things get a little complicated when we go out for a meal
She orders a vegetable platter; I order ribs so no big deal.
She hand feeds me food from her plate.

Gently caresses my ear as things we contemplate.

She gets aggravated when I eat too close to the bone.
But she gets me upset when can’t get her off the phone.
She treats me well, kisses my lips and brushes my hair
even massages my back, we do make a lovely pair.

We have completed three years together, and things are swell.
We were designed to live together cause things are going well.
Seldom do we fight but when we do it is like a stalled log.
I love my veterinarian even when she treats me like a dog.

Royal Barron, Pomeranian Extraordinaire February 19, 2018


I love your eyes,

and your hair.
And I love the
way you share.

The little things
you say and do.
Always thinking
of me before you.

Why am I held in
such high esteem?
is it because we
are a natural team?

I love you and
you love me.
And that is as
it should be.

Our life is going at
such a natural pace.
Because of God’s
Amazing Grace.

Preston T. Duckett February 15, 2018


Love is kind,
Love is sweet.
Love is bowing
at each other's feet.

Love is warm,
Love is true,
Love is softly
kissing you.

Love is fine,
Love is free.
Love is us,
you and me.

Love is life
Love is best
Love is the hearts
beating in our chest.

Love is control,
Love is submission,
Love is together
with no intermission.

Love is great,
Love is life.
Love is a husband
and his wife.

Rose & Preston T. Duckett February 26, 2018


Greeted by a grey dawn day,
Swirling fog heavy with gloom.
A cloud covered the sky,
adding to a feeling of doom.

Relief came from the Sun,
in the form of rays of light.
Burning away the smog
as it slowly takes flight.

Much as is the tempest
dwelling within our soul.
Dark foreboding thoughts
trying to eradicate our goal.

Light from Heaven floods
all our being and thought.
Dispersing darkness and gloom
replacing with what we aught.

God is our redeemer and delight.
brushing away our despair.
Placing instead in our heart
greetings and love to share.

Look on the bright side
In all, we do and say.
Thinking positive
will light our way.

Preston T. Duckett February 17, 2018


All through life
love is a gift,
Sent from above,
with an emotional lift.

Never abuse it,
Use with tender care
Hold it in your heart
but always beware.

Give freely,
receive gladly.
Treat tenderly,

love madly.

Enjoy often,ver fake.
Reverently give,
respectively take.

Keep it real,
Honest and true.
Given away it’ll
come back to you.

Preston T. Duckett February 17, 2018


Hold my heart
in your hand,
Your desire is
my command.

You have the
power to hold,
crush, break, or
love, so I‘m told.

Whatever you
desire to do.
The control
is up to you.

Treat me kindly as
our hearts entwine.
Love me forever,
my sweet Valentine.

Preston T. Duckett February 13, 2018


When life treats you good
And all are being understood.
Walk on, walk on.

When life goes bitter and sour,
Pray to God for extra power.
And walk on, walk on.

When your load is too heavy to bear,
ask Jesus and your burden he‘ll share.
Walk on, walk on.

When you slip and fall, reach up to Christ’s
outstretched hand and He will give you a heist.
Get up, dust off and walk on,

Prayer is the answer to whatever you need.
Don’t expect a yes answer if you ask with greed.
Ask for forgiveness and walk on, walk on.

If you are not a Child of God, ask, and you shall receive.
In the death, burial, and resurrection you must believe.

Seek forgiveness and walk on, walk on.

A total belief of the Trinity Godhead, all in one.
The Father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus the Son.
Arise and walk on, walk on.

Preston T. Duckett Thursday, March 29, 2018


Glory to God,
for His kindness
giving the Bible
to remind us,
of his expectations
for us in His service.
Confident His Word
will always preserve us.

With the World full of doubt,
we can always persevere,
the Bible instructs every
facet pleasant or severe.
Study God’s Word to
show yourself approved.
As a child of God salvation
is free not bought or improved.

Belief only in the one true God.
Who gave his only begotten
Son that through Him we must
be saved and never forgotten.
Our name placed in the “Lambs
Book of Life,” to live eternally
In the presence of God, Jesus,
and the Holy Spirit, fraternally.

Preston T. Duckett April 7, 2018


Loved you when you crossed the street.

Country boy’s first trip to the metropolis.
Awed by the bustle, sights, and sounds.
I’d never encountered such populace.

You were above the shoving and pushing
with such style, and augmented beauty.

My heartbeat accelerated to a double pitch,
as I helped you cross, it was my duty.


The rain came down as I guided you in a café,
At a table for two introductions were established.
Coffee served, couldn’t help but stare at you,
You spoke first thus conversation reestablished.

My first attempt at being up on my game was a disaster.
Heming and hawing I said, “I want to take you home with me.”
Your laughter broke the silence, and you said: “where is home..”
With a trembling doubt, I answered up in the hills of Tennessee.

Fear gripped me as I knew this was not the lifestyle you knew.
But aura around us said we matched well for adoration.
Barriers began to slowly slide away as we ordered another
coffee and continuing with our animated conversation.


Preston T. Duckett Saturday, April 7, 2018


Father, please extend to us
peace and understanding,
wisdom, grace, strength,
with faith always expanding.

May we grow in your love,
extending to all nations.
Christ's glorious salvation to
friends, neighbors, and relations.

Give us ability and sensitivity,
to know and appreciate.
The fabulous gift from Jesus,
our suffering to alleviate.

By the power of his sacrifice
giving the power of his blood.
To completely cover our sins,
In a significant, crimson flood.

Christ soon returns in the Eastern sky,
pulling the saved from out of the ground.
And those alive follow in the twinkle of an eye.
Pray not to be among the lost left around.

As sinful as things are now on earth,
is minor compared to the tribulation.
Seven years of horror and devastation,
The antichrist rules in a drastic situation.

Preston T. Duckett April 6, 2018


Father, please extend to us
peace and understanding,
wisdom, grace, strength,
with faith always expanding.

May we grow in your love,
extending to all nations.
Christ's glorious salvation to
friends, neighbors, and relations.

Give us ability and sensitivity,
to know and appreciate.
The fabulous gift from Jesus,
our suffering to alleviate.

By the power of his sacrifice
giving the power of his blood.
To completely cover our sins,
In a significant, crimson flood.

Christ soon returns in the Eastern sky,
pulling the saved from out of the ground.
And those alive follow in the twinkle of an eye.
Pray not to be among the lost left around.

As sinful as things are now on earth,
is minor compared to the tribulation.
Seven years of horror and devastation,
The antichrist rules in a drastic situation.

Preston T. Duckett April 6, 2018


When tempted
simply walk on by
Falling in the trap,
will make you cry.

When offered a deal
that’s too good to be true.
Beware of false riches
ask God to help you through.

When accosted by a lady
of beauty that is all up front.
Take care not to be fooled
now's time to back up and punt.

When the grass looks greener
On the other side of the fence.
Stay in your back yard
confess to Jesus and repent.

When the Devil seems to
hold the winning hand.
Read a chapter in Revelation
to see what God has Planned.

Then you can take courage
even as Satan’s head spins.
Cause he also knows
how the Trinity wins.

Preston T. Duckett April 4, 2018


Ever have an Easter egg breakfast?
Mix salt and pepper and chow down.
Somewhat dry to your taste make a
sandwich add mayonnaise and a frown.

Two eggs on my plate this morning.
home coloring had penetrated
The whites of the eggs were red and
green were the main colors generated.

Carried on with the annual Easter Egg roll,
on the hill overlooking omousse creek,
small turnout as I only found last year
they need to be boiled fresh during roll week.

I thought you could keep them year after year.
You have to learn these things as you go along.
The first year we had this roll no one told me
to boil them, that leaving them raw was wrong.

Problem after problem how was I to know
they would roll so far down the highway.
The grass and weeds were too thick the
eggs could not proceed, so I did it my way.

The creek and swamp was the biggest
finder of the multitude of eggs.
The alligators, deer, and wild hogs ate
those that rolled between the children’s legs.

Think this will be the last year of the Webb
Easter Egg roll, President Trump said competition
was too much with the Fake Press and Demos so
we do not need to take advantage of our position.

Preston T. Duckett Monday, April 2, 2018


My dearest daughter you are sixteen
and on a date, I hate to let you go.
Sit over here next to me my pet,
some things you need to know.

Should he slip his arm around
you turn slightly placing your
arms around the outside of his
So he can’t be able to do more.

Bear hug against his side so he can’t
get his hands free from your grip.
If you give him a free hand, it will be
all over you like the mighty Missip.

There is a big difference between
Girls and boys out in this old world.
It is a wait and sees attitude for females
With boys its right now or come unfurled.

Now daughter dear if there is trouble
of any kind call me on the phone.
I’ll be here right beside it at home,
like any Dad facing the unknown.

Preston T. Duckett April 2, 2018


Missing you when away
little things like your
early morning greeting
with coffee as before,

When absorbed in writing
soft hands caress my neck
again with refreshments
and time for a quick peck.

Timeout for lunch,
a few sandwiches you make.
For a picnic on the ground
and a stroll around the lake.

Then back to the computer
thinking of what to write.
Should it be something
serious or can it be light.

Heavy pounding on the keys,
as you once again appear.
Taunting me with a flirt,
so good to have you here.

Yes I miss you whenever
you have to go away.
So let us make a deal
just come home and stay.

Preston T. Duckett March 18, 2018


Thank You, Lord,
for another day
and a new week,
on this first of May.

Your Grace, and Glory,
increases in abundance.
Even when our Prayers,
are recited by redundance.

You give to us in profusion as
we return you a small amount.
Your life and blood for us you gave
in settlement of our sinner's account.

Paid in Full written across each
page in the Lambs Book of Life.
Assuring our entrance to Heaven,
with no more sickness or strife.

For forgiveness, repent and believe
That Jesus hung on the cross and died,
was buried and arose the third day,
ascended to the Father and was unified.

To the three in one Triune Godhead on High,
His sacrifice covers the sins of human creations.
Christ is now on His Throne and intercedes
to the Father on our prayers and supplications.

Preston T. Duckett Tuesday, May 1, 2018


I would prefer to be a Rose
and if I were mistreated.
I’d stick you with a thorn
so as not to be repeated.

Could be a honeysuckle
wrap around you with a vine.
Around and around I would
go until I made you mine.

How about a sweet magnolia
with a beautiful white bloom.
Heavy textured green leaves,
on the air a fragrant perfume.

Or I could be a white carnation,
so you’d carry me to the prom.
I'd share each dance with you
holding your love in my palm.

Don’t want to be touch-me-not
cause I love being cuddled
And when I am not touched
it makes me feel befuddled.

Some have accused me
of being a blooming idiot.
Oh to be a chrysanthemum
if only I could spell it.

Preston T. Duckett Saturday, May 5, 2018


There is a thin line
between love and hate.
Try never to crossover
for then it is too late.

Keep God first on the list
then wife and family.
In third place is the job,
coming in clammily.

Love God with heart and soul
Love next the family and wife.
And at least try to like the job.
Love her for the rest of her life.

Keep her uppermost
in your mind and heart.
Keep love fresh and new
trying never to be apart.

Should you have to be away,
open communications keep.
With her knowing she’s loved
to prevent you're losing sleep.

Preston T. Duckett Thursday, May 3, 2018


Since I met you
the world is brighter.
My worries less,
the load lighter.

Life was collapsing
had lost its spark.
Days were grey
nights were dark.

I was weary,
alone and sad,
Life was good
the attitude bad.

You introduced me
to a brand new life
of love and joy,
without the strife.

Bringing a spark
of peace to abide.
Love opens new doors
with you at my side.

Transforming life
wonderfully new.
Thankful to Heaven
For meeting you.

Preston T. Duckett November 28, 2017


Oh Holy Father help
me resist temptations.
Increase my ability for
avoiding sinful situations.

Strengthen my resolve for
a closer walk with You.
Give me understanding
of Your desire in all I do.

Increase my wisdom
to rebuke the Devil.
Purify my thoughts for
staying straight and level.

Give me peace and love
and bridle my tongue.
Bolster my thoughts
to forever stay young.

May the words from my lips
and the thoughts of my heart.
Be inline with Your Desires
and Your Spirit never depart.

Preston T. Duckett Friday, May 4, 2018


The best five-dollars
that I ever spent.
Was five-dollars to
my Dad I once lent.

It was around the time
when I was eight,
my birthday did five-
dollars accumulate.

Plant a seed so
I often was told,
it will reproduce
a hundredfold.

I planted that five In
Dad’s trusty hand,
and spent it over
and over again.

Whenever I saw a thing
that I might adore,
Dad took it from the
five even if it cost more.

For my wedding Dad
bought me a new suit.
How much this five cost
was hard to compute.

The five became a down
payment on the farm.
And this was the last
time it had caused harm.

So that little five-dollar-
bill was indeed no joke.
Even thou Dad often claimed
it caused him to go broke.

Preston T. Duckett Saturday, April 28, 2018


Stay away from her
you see she‘s mine.
We are committed
for life, by design.

No trespassing this property is
now under my ownership.
Mess with my belongings,
I will bust your lip.

I hate confrontation and don’t
wish to lower my standard,
to participate in brawl.
nor do I wish to be pandered.

A duel is not out of the question,
it is not a threat it is a promise.
I am as dangerous as I can be,
so don’t be a doubting Thomas.

You go your way, and I’ll go mine
and the further the distance between,
the better and if we never meet again
it will prevent us making a scene.

Go find the love of your life,
and I will stay here with mine.
All will be well if you follow my advice,
and we depart, our friendship in decline.

Preston T. Duckett Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Good morning Lord, Your
Will allow us to follow
Rather than self-pity,
in which we wallow.

Forgive us our miss deeds
as we forgive transgressions
heaped on us by others even
when they make no confessions.

Forgiveness will not be given us with
unforgiveness held in our heart.
We can only grant forgiveness for
a transgression against us for a start.

Repent in prayer to Jesus Christ,
for our doing that was wrong.
Then our prayer line is open
Arriving at God’s Alter strong.

Preston T. Duckett Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Today is the right time for our getting together.
Needing to see you regardless of the weather.
Being away from each other is much too strong,
even when the children think we are wrong.

They think the distance to travel is too great.
And we do live at opposite ends of the State.
They are right in their assumption of our age
and that for marriage we should not engage.

Mystifyingly they assume we’ll run away.
When what we desire is visits during the day.
Freedom to visit and talk on an occasional date,
knowing for things more profound it is much too late.

Children in your youth and we were in charge,
back when your love life appeared to be large.
We gave you the benefit of an enormous doubt,
as you discovered what love was all about.

That is all we are asking this late in our life.
Give us credit for retaining knowledge of strife.
Show us a benefit of knowing not to be stupid.
Give us the freedom to get together and taunt cupid.

Preston T. Duckett Friday, April 27, 2018


Sitting on the porch,
listening and watching
as the rain comes down
And as it goes sloshing.

Flowing over the yard
removing the tracks
on your last visit but
not erasing the facts.

Remembering your visit
as the rain pounded.
Holding each other as
the love we founded.

Dreaming of the next
chance we will meet.
Here at this haven
my mountain retreat.

I come up here often
when I wish to be alone.
To remember your smile
and the best kiss I've known.

Waiting now and longing
for another time with you.
Building on a foundation,
of a beautiful love so true.

Preston T. Duckett April 22, 2018


Another day
another blessing.
Thank You, Lord, for
no more guessing.

We know for a fact
Your Word is true.
Written by men,
inspired by You.

Let your Spirit
Lead and guide

us to study the Word,
and rightly divide.

To live our life
closely to Yours.
In love, trust and
faith that endures.

We are sinners

saved by grace.
Seeking acceptance to
Your heavenly place.

Forgive our sins,
make us whole.
Give us grace,
save our soul.

Believe in Jesus death,
burial, and resurrection,
for the Heavenly
Father’s connection.

Preston T. Duckett April 15, 2018


Jesus, you are our light,
on this dismal and dark
earth we have disrupted
trying to make our mark.

Generation after generation
we drifted further from You.
Our morals have diminished
With small attempts to renew.

We need a revival of old souls,
with new ones coming under,
your control, knowledge, and
wisdom, to prevent a blunder.

Please ask Your Holy Spirit
To draw all to repentance.
Let the study of Your Word
give us true independence.

Free us from the temptations
That daily invoke our actions
To determine the direction of
All our daily transactions.

Lord hold us in your protection,
as we squander our chances.
In sinful living thus lowering
all possibility of our advances.

Lead us in the way of obedience,
truthfulness, faith, and deliverance.
From the evils of those around us.
and from our self-belligerence.

Let Your Spirit guide our minds,
actions, and desires in our heart.
So we are in line with your will from
the beginning until we depart.

Preston T. Duckett Friday, April 13, 2018




I'm a little cowgirl
with a cowgirl hat.
I rope my man with
a wink just like that.

He loves it when I
give him a free hand.
He puts it all over me
so fast I can’t understand.

With that free hand
it feels like he has six.
Always on the lookout
for more of his tricks.

The little cowgirl is
his dream come true.
We cuddle and kiss,
until our lips turn blue!!!

Rose and Preston T. Tuesday, May 1, 2018


I saw God today as
I looked into the sky.
The sunrise in total glory
brilliant colors up so high.

Images and creatures would
appear and constantly change.
To God, it was just an average day.
But to us, it is fantastic and strange.

I felt God today in a breeze
nor visible but I could feel.
I knew He was with me
and had no doubt he’s real.

All kinds of birds in a variety
of sounds of Praise and Glory.
Each bird had different voices
but all together they tell a story.

From inbred instinct, they know

That God in Heaven is the Master,
and supplies their daily food,
as he protects them from disaster.

Of all God’s creations humans
are in the image of the Trinity.
The Father, the Son, and the Spirit,
However, without Their Divinity.

Preston T. Duckett Tuesday, April 17, 2018




Thank you, Lord,
For letting me live
and love again
rekindling my drive.

Reaching what was
considered the end
You did once again
my life extend.

Our debt owed to
You is massive.
We can never repay
it’s much to expansive.

With Your love
You made a way.
Through your Son
our sin debt to pay.

His blood from Calvary
on the cruel Cross, he shed.
Not for anything he did
but he died for us instead.

Repent seel forgiveness
have faith and believe.
Ask Jesus in his Grace
your Soul to receive.

Salvation we cannot earn,
neither can it be bought.
It is a gift free from Jesus
only believe as we ought.

It is a gift from Christ
so no man could boast.
Of this gift from the Father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost.

Preston T. Duckett Monday, April 23, 2018


Rose was getting
ready for the date.
She loved dolling up,
and he was never late.

She rechecked her hair

in the mirror with a smile.
hadn't seen her beau
for quite a while

Gazing out the window
and to her surprise.
He carried a bouquet
that matched her eyes.

Flowers made her smile

as he did the unpredicted.
taking on little things
to make love unrestricted.

Their love was fresh and new,
kept that way by his antics.
Like a lovely candlelit dinner
or other forms of romantics.

Rose thrived in his mutual
yet surprising adorations.
Never a dull moment in
any of their relations.

Love pure and simple and
exactly as it should exist.
She flew into his arms with the
mirror crashing as they kissed.

Rose and Preston T. Duckett April 23, 2018



Across the miles, we have met in our dreams
sharing each other's hopes and schemes.
We known a friendship precious and rare,
one which none other could ever compare.

We've laughed an cried on a specific day,
and our love is the beacon lighting our way.
Love gives and forgives; nothing is so much,
that our love can't heal with its magic touch.

Our love is unselfish, understanding and kind,
it sees with the heart and not with the mind.
Our love transcends time and the elements,
and is based on kindness, respect and sentiments.

Love is our sunshine even in rainy weather.
snow, sleet or lighting just so we are together.
It holds us unruffled even when we are apart
because it is in our soul and in our heart.

Praying that together we may watch the sunrise.
and observe the moon as it reflects in our eyes.
Allowing us to express our love and charms,
passing the rest of our days in each others arms.

Rose and Preston T. Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Darling your illness is not a barrier,
that we must overcome.
But building a hedge of trust around us,
on a rock solid foundation of love.

As we build something beautiful
carrying us through the years ahead.
There will be more years ahead than you now believe.
Even with the pain you feel caused by

the operations and complications.
You are still the Beautiful Person
that I have always known and Loved.
Now move over a little closer,

place your head on my chest.
Hear that heart; it is beating for you.
Of all the things I have ever treasured.
Count them as nothing compared to you.

Be very still and remember,
the times you have felt my love.
It is still here today, and it is here to stay.
Relax sweet one here in my arms.

Protecting you and keeping you from harm.
Hush Baby do not worry now.
This hurt and fear too shall pass and go away.
God has something else for you to do,

on life’s winding pathway.
Sleep quietly now regaining your strength
as we maneuver the rest of our life,
Step by step and side by side.

Preston T. Duckett October 19, 2016


Never thought it would happen

to a lovely guy in his eighties.
When it had been a lifetime
of salty chasing after the ladies.

Now I can only dream and recall

how it was when I was younger.
Romantic moves slowed by age,
but I still revel in the hunger.

It picks me up when a lady has no
objection when I kiss her delicate hand.
A double reason for this dignity, honor
plus observation for a wedding band.

The older women approve of this as
they lived during a time of manners.
When they might drop a hankie as
they were chance meeting planners.

No matter the age of the woman
she is always two steps ahead,
of any and every solitary man
regardless of what he did or said.

So however often you used or
rehearsed your devastating line.
The advantage she has over us is she
allows us to go after her by design.

Preston T. Duckett Monday, April 16, 2018


The news gives us grief and pain.
Bad news makes for more viewers.
Bigger audience, more sponsors,
Increased dollars, more pursuers.

In the words of my friend, Larry,
Who says “follow the Money.”
truer today than ever before
People follow it like bees to Honey.

The problem of the day seems to be
That money has become the idol
We worship, and it leads us around
like a horse equipped with a bridle.

Good news does not produce the
audience or revenue of disaster.
Therefore, we allow money
to become our master.

However, God is still in control
we find the answer in His Word.
How we can have eternal life,
the best news ever heard.

Choose Jesus Christ and place
your trust in the Holy Trinity.
The Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit.
The Triune Godhead of Divinity.

Preston T. Duckett Monday, April 16, 2018


If you have love
you are blessed.
And Godly love
is always best.

It is the way to
treat your mate.
With unconditional
love never hate.

There is a difference
between natural love,
and the wedded type
of being IN LOVE.

Being in love with
your only soul mate.
Is love on steroids
and it is great.

The love of everyone
Is not a feeling
But an action that
encourages healing.

Love deals in giving
of goods and service,
often a sympathetic ear
to one who is nervous.

Wondering how to help
ask advice in prayer,
and simply let them
know that you care.

Preston T. Duckett May 6, 2018


Somehow can’t get it
off my mind.
Thought I was ahead
but I was behind.

When things start
slowing down.
Go out and stir
up the town.

Love is a Roller
Coaster ride.
Enjoy the thrills and
roll with the tide.

Riding the adrenaline
either up or down.
Fighting the waves
or wearing the crown.

Love is what makes
the world go around.
Either laughter or
wearing a frown.

Worry not, reach love
and hold on tight.
What goes wrong
love can make right.

Preston T. Duckett January 6, 2018


With wildflowers, He tells this to me.
Snow-capped mountains, with waves in the sea.
His glory is everywhere, in all crannies and nooks.
Lovely waterfalls, and bubbling brooks.

On the mountainside, and in the Glenn.

His presence is everyplace, I have ever been.
Lift him up and Praise His name.
Without him, nothing would be the same.

See him in the clouds, and at night in a star.
Always let me see you, Lord, wherever you are.
On my knees by my bed, feeling the Spirit's flow.
With answers from Jesus is how I know.

Preparing a place, for us to dwell.

God is alive, and doing well.

Preston T. Duckett 5/21/16


Wonderful to hear from you,
glad that things turned out well.
Looking ahead to the time
when we come out of our shell.

Then be able to step out,
and let the whole world know
That our love is genuine
and not merely to make a show.

Thought we had it worked out
and everything was copasetic.
Then the interference started
turning the entire process pathetic.

Marriage is not on our agenda, and
we wish to visit and get acquainted
On the phone, send and receive letters,
and be it known our love is not tainted.

There is one thing for certain
we’re not getting any younger.
But we are not dead yet and
we are still filled with hunger.

Youngsters, please get off our case
and let us make our own mistakes.
As we allowed you to make yours,
we’re old enough to know what it takes.

Bear with us dear children,
love us, and give your blessings.
We truly love you and your
acceptance is the final dressings.

Preston T. Duckett Sunday, April 15, 2018


God, please guide my travel along
the pathway in the life You gave.
Direct my every step and take,
my soul when I reach the grave.
Forgive the sins and bless the good,
depending on you for each breath,
accomplishment, thought and deed,
every aspect until reaching death.

Right or wrong all through this life,
guide my path on each step I take.
Let Your Spirit sensitize my mind,
for thoughts and decisions I make.
Nudge my spirit bringing me back
onto the high road of love and favor.
Always following the examples of
Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

Preston T. Duckett September 18, 2017


Love for the person of your dreams,
falls in place almost without effort.
If you have to work hard to get
someone’s love you will get hurt.

When love and the person is right
you sometimes wonder if it is authentic.
It sometimes appears almost too natural,
for anything this great to be domestic.

Love is one of the simple facts in life
we try to make it complicated.
We float around with our head in the clouds
and feet off the ground as if intoxicated.

Actual love is a desire to please the partner
with service wherever needed physically.
Be there when the other gets in doldrums,
to give support and advice but not critically.

Disagreements will appear without a doubt,
listen carefully and apologize if you’re wrong.
If you must then agree to disagree, kiss and
make-up do not let a disagreement prolong.

None of us are perfect even if it appears so,
while in the throes of dating and courtship.
Despair not, stay positive, forgive and forget,
be sure that God is your only object of Worship.

Preston T. Duckett Saturday, April 14, 2018


Father, please extend to us
peace and understanding,
wisdom, grace, strength,
with faith always expanding.

May we grow in your love,
extending to all nations.
Christ's glorious salvation to
friends, neighbors, and relations.

Give us ability and sensitivity,
to know and appreciate.
The fabulous gift from Jesus,
our suffering to alleviate.

By the power of his sacrifice
giving the power of his blood.
To completely cover our sins,
In a significant, crimson flood.

Christ soon returns in the Eastern sky,
pulling the saved from out of the ground.
And those alive follow in the twinkle of an eye.
Pray not to be among the lost left around.

As sinful as things are now on earth,
is minor compared to the tribulation.
Seven years of horror and devastation,
The antichrist rules in a drastic situation.

Preston T. Duckett April 6, 2018


Some think minute sins
are easily covered up.
And they do not count
if taken in a small sup.

The Word tells us that we
must reap what we sow.
When you commit a little sin
like a planted seed it will grow.

As surely as the seed you plant
can produce up to a hundredfold.
So your small discretion can
multiply within your soul.

Many of us rationalize our faults
not being as bad as some we know.
Thus cauterizing our conscious
convinced a little bit won’t show.

The above could be right in a court

Of earthly law but an omnipotent
Jesus is our Judge and Jury with no
recourse to our acts so precipitant.

The only hope is to repent and confess
The belief in Jesus because of his death
Burial and resurrection on the third day,
and must occur while we still have breath.

Preston T. Duckett Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Met with an old friend today,
that has been a long time gone.
In our youth, he awoke at noon,
I always got up before dawn.

We disagreed on every item
even appreciation of beauty.
I liked the chest and face.
His thing was legs and booty.

We met way back in college days.
His quest was engineering science.
While I followed public speaking
in a Radio and Television Alliance.

He lives on the West Coast
he says the weather is better.
I stayed in the Southeast
as a professional debtor.

We discussed what we knew
was a mistake from the start.
He is a high-level liberal Democrat.
I’ve always had a conservative heart.

We have absolutely nothing in common,
discussions soon become shouting matches.
But they never came to slaps or blows,
fisticuffs, shootings, knives or scratches.

We are and have always been hard and fast friends,
and at the end of our squabbles at each meeting.
With the warmth of our Christian love we hug
and part looking forward to our next greeting.

Preston T. Duckett Monday, April 9, 2018


How many ways do I love you?
It is just too hard to explain.
However, I will try by showing
you over and over again.

As much as I loved yesterday,
I love you even more today.
And tomorrow, if I still exist
it will be more in every way.

If you multiply that love
and let it double daily.
With deep gratification
will gladly Honor it gaily.

Think just how powerful
that love, if still alive,
at the ripe old age of
a hundred and five.

Preston T. Duckett March 17, 2018


I am weak
You’re strong.
You’re right
I am wrong.

You lead
I follow.
You’re a mountain,
I am a hollow.

You are my Master
and You are Holy.
I am a sinner,
therefore am lowly,

Only by grace
and loving care.
Your righteousness
am I able to share?

I am a saved sinner,
covered by your blood.
Filthiness cleansed as
if washed by a flood.

You are the Father
and we are as one.
By grace, I am a brother
to Jesus Your Son.

Preston T. Duckett May 25, 2018


Good Morning Sunshine,
A perfect day to have you around.
The dry air feels good on these bones,
A reminder of soon being Heaven Bound.

Your birds singing Your Praise and Glory,
Seeing every day as a bonus from God.
Taking care to be sincere and real
Never trying to impress with a façade.

Thanking you for the blessings given,
To us, year by year and they keep coming.
Attempting to stay inside the perimeter
You developed as that you want me becoming.

Please let your spirit guide me as Psalm 19:14
May the words of my mouth and the meditations
Of my Heart always be acceptable in your sight.
My Lord and my Redeemer in all my narrations.

Preston T. Duckett Thursday, May 24, 2018


Early morning raining hard,
time for coffee and time to pray.
In reverse order, pray and sip,
thankful for another day.

Thanking God it’s raining hard,
cleansing pollen from the yard.
Washing the leaves of trees.
reducing allergies, Lord, please.

The same God that created the universe,
also set in motion precise resolvable
solutions for any and all workings of
His universe that for us are irresolvable.

After the storm has departed and clouds are gone,
then it’s the sweet clean fragrance after a rain.
And a sigh of from those with joint problems
feeling the joy and wonder of less pain.

Thank you, Lord, for Your preparations
as we arise and greet each new day.
Refreshed, revived, exhilarated as we
study what Your Word has to say.

Preston T. Duckett Tuesday, March 6, 2018


During our visit today Father
Sitting on a limb as if confined.
One of your smaller creations,
perfect in structure as designed.

Preening itself as if posing,
the bird shows no fear only delight.
Several movements of confidence
in its ability before taking flight.

Gone as suddenly as it appeared,
making no sound yet its story told.
Shape and coloring to perfection
as if removed from an artist mold.

In weakness, there is a strength,
in humility there is power.
We can honor God either by
a single minute or by an hour.

Give honor and praise to
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
The Triune Godhead
of the Heavenly Host.

Preston T. Duckett November 17, 2017


Love is unpredictable
complicated and fast.
We all need and want
a love that will last.

Love is not a frame of mind,
it is practical and a gift.
A gift that you must
work daily to avoid a rift.

Always remember to
tell your spouse daily
of all your love
not sadly but gaily,

Kiss goodbye as you
head for the door.
Turn back and
caress once more.

At work call home
here is what to do.
Say “lately have I told
you that I love you."

Works better than
flowers or candy,
Remembered longer
and is very handy.

Preston T. Duckett February 6, 2018


Love brings happiness,
but also pulls us down.
Love makes us float above,
as we go round and round.

Flying high absorbed
in the loves games.
Make a misstep and
it goes up in flames.

Tread lightly where
you place your heart.
It will carry you away
if in time you must part.

Prepare your mind
for the times ahead.
In case love erupts
and turns sour instead.

Live it and keep it right
hold your heart in check,
or else you may find life
is in a complete wreck.

Repent and ask forgiveness
if you are in the wrong.
Pray to the Lord above
keeping your faith strong.

If the right love you desire

the path ahead opens wide.
Should plans misfire
God’s wisdom will provide.

Preston T. Duckett May 18, 2018

After Hasty Punishment

Despair not little one,
we love you still.
We get irritable and
cross a great deal.

Underneath thoughts
of love and kindness.
We are caught up in
a world of blindness.

Never bridging the gap
between us and you,
when tensions build,
regretting what we do.

Taking it for granted
that you’ll understand,
puts a lot of the pressure
in your little hand.

So forgive us little one,
dumping our troubles on you.
We’re in a grown-up world,
and fail as all grownups do.

Preston T. Duckett 1959-1965


The sky is clear again,
the world is right.
My load is easy
the burden is light.

With a quick step
I walk in a trot.
Bypassing trouble
so I can worry not.

What went before'll
not happen again.
Hopefully smarter
now than I was then.

Rejoice with me as all
is right with the world.
Everything straight at last
everything came uncurled.

God is excellent in every way
believe in Him guides
my destiny and my life.
I’ll obey what He decides.

Put your trust in Jesus the Son
believe he was crucified, died,
buried, and arose the third day.
Ask and he will walk by your side.

Preston T. Duckett May 19, 2018


Mothers day is now at hand
As usual, I am starting late.
But a happy Mothers Day,
How about a luncheon date.

So Mom here is to mine,
that are on the other shore.
Do have relatives left,
add friends; I have more.

A salute to all Mothers,
if yours is on this earth.
Visit let her know you,
appreciate her worth.

Send them flowers,
tell you what to do,
she will love the flowers,
but had rather have you.

We men tend to forget so,
follow the lead of your wife.
Remember she is a mother too.
Give love, the best thing in life.

Mom prayed you thru thus far,
now’s your turn, for her to pray.
It will make you feel better,
when you do it every day.

Do it, buck up now,
and repeat after me.
Mom, I love you now for
the whole world to see.

Preston T. Duckett 5/7/16


I first fell in love with Ms. Brown,
my pretty third-grade teacher.
As a country boy, I had never seen such
charm, and style in such a lovely creature.

During my tenure until seventh grade,
did not fall in love with any other classes.
The Principal and wife taught them, and,
as they were also my cousins, so no passes.

During the rest of grammar school
I had to settle for being the teachers' pet.
Except for the grades taught by the principal.
A no-nonsense teacher with his ways set.

The next three years I spent in a new town,
Near the Tennessee border, and all the love
was futile as I was the smallest in each grade.
Rejection is unwanted, and I got much thereof.

Things started looking up as I entered the senior

Year at my favorite School in Alabama, Geneva.
The first half of that year I dated a lovely creature
But at Christmas break found and dated my diva.

This young lady soon became my steady,

and later became my wife of fifty-eight years.
She was my friend, lover, my children’s mother
and my anchor through three different careers.

Preston T. Duckett Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Mesmerized by the beauty
of the Moon so large and full.
Spotlighting the clouds and
exercising gravitational pull.

Effectual on all the oceans,
and human behavior amidst
joviality, pain and sorrow
for those caught in its midst.

Moods deflect or come alive,
depending upon power to resist
or strive to enhance the power
of a romantic moon to be kissed.

The full moon is a lovers greatest friend.
It’s powerful pull melts the ladies heart.
Increasing the drive of sensitivity making
all these extra moods useful and smart.

A full moon provides the ideal solution
and perfect timing for the lovers question.
Other times and locations may work as well
but the use of a full moon in my suggestion.

Preston T. Duckett Thursday, May 31, 2018


Our Father, in Heaven,
Blessed be Your Holy Name.
Thank You that we are a
child of God as we claim.

Hold us in Your Mighty Hand,
keeping us on the straight and narrow.
By Your Word and giving to us
the faith of animals and a sparrow.

You feed your creatures on a daily basis
so why should we have doubt and sorrow?
You teach us in your Holy Word; we should
live for today and depend on You for tomorrow.

Lord, give us wisdom, strength, and courage,
to depend on Your Heavenly advice,
To follow directions when You speak
and know for sins you paid the price.

Thank You for directing our service to the
Holy Trinity, and use our God-given skill.
Until your death angel takes us home,
keep our minds clear, and in Your Will.

Preston T. Duckett Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Thank you, Mother
for teaching to me
the lessons of life
and how it should be.

To give honor to God,
family and others.
Respect for Teachers,
Sisters and Brothers.

Reverence for members,
and teachers in the Church.
Pastors, leaders and for
the Savior’s search.

Thanks, Mom for showing me
I was as good to the letter.
As anyone else alive
but not one iota better.

Thank you, Mother, for
Praying for me when lost in Sin.
Showing me in God’s Word, to
trust in Christ and be born again.

And thank you, Mother, for your
example of real and lasting Love.
Making me knowledgeable of Jesus
and our Heavenly Father above.

Preston T. Duckett Saturday, May 12, 2018


Red dirt road, crossing a stream,
you appear hazily, in a dream.
Side by side, roaming hills,
turning curves, sharing thrills.

Deaths present, life’s gone,
memories linger on,
with dreams and hopes,
holding hands, climbing slopes.

Enjoying the love of youth,
defying time, grasping the truth.
Joined for life, losing breath
separated by unwanted death.

I reach, but you’re gone,
seat’s empty, I’m alone.
Dawn comes creeping in,
sleepily awake to dream again.

Preston T. Duckett 1/31/16


Early morning, time of prayer,
most times the mind roams.
To the mountains and valleys
and to those long ago homes.

In the vision of an old man's mind,
revisiting the hills and hollows.
Creeks and rivers are going to the
sea is returning as rain that follows.

Upon a hillside stands
a shotgun house now a shack.
Where a white-headed old mans
memories keep pulling him back.

To a life of long ago, back in the hills,
where images of playmates and friends,
some long gone others scattered
to cities, towns and other trends.

Heard the echo’s in the morning breeze,
come back, come back it whispered.
The dirt roads are now all paved, and
boyhood days over now hear this word.

Preston T. Duckett Monday, May 21, 2018


Our love is not dead
It was just dazed.
We survived the first hurdle
from the heck I raised.

When someone talks as much
as I do something is bound to slip.
That becomes somewhat disheartening
your tolerance kept from sinking the ship.

Thank you for forgiveness from your heart,
I now have a string tied around my tongue.
Just in case I say something out of line
you can yank it and keep our love young.

High on a hill and far away,
where we like to sit and talk.
And holding hands as down
to the lakeside we walk.

Each day one upon the other
finding new ways to express
our love keeping it fresh and
making it a great success.

Now that things didn’t come
apart and become unraveled.
Let’s climb on my fat-boy Harley
and ride some roads less traveled.

Preston T. Duckett Monday, May 21, 2018


Then the rains came down
cooling things off somewhat.
While making some plants
prosper and some plants not.

Coming down hard then slow,
looking around between showers.
Enjoying the exquisite beauty of
God’s created variety of flowers.

Relaxing on the porch with Barron
watching the sky open to the pouring rain.
But when the lightning flashed and the
thunder rolled he jumped in my lap again.

Royal Barron, as I am sure, most dogs
can feel or hear the turbulent weather
long before the human ear can perceive,
then we hold them enduring it together.

A good best friend sure helps a lot
especially when one lives alone.
Who gets the most comfort and
who’s the protector is unknown?

Preston T. Duckett with Royal Barron
Monday, May 21, 2018