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Moved into my first bachelor's pad in the seventies,
shortly after my wife crossed to the other shore.
Not the nineteen-seventies but when I was seventy-eight,
living alone for the first time in seventy years or more.

Loneliness is not often a problem because of friends,
real life ones and also the friends on Facebook.
Hear from a lot of you often and stay busy writing,
verses, short stories and working on my early life book.

Encouragement comes from many directions as hands move
across the keys telling you what I think you need to know.
Do a little serious work with Praises to the Good Lord,
along with tongue-in-cheek renditions, strictly for show.

Royal Barron moved in and started training me right away,
Barking me out in the yard so he could mark his land.
Also, chase cats and toads, but birds and squirrels are to fast,
his territory check finished he crawls up and licks my hand.

I Agape Love every one of you beautiful Facebook ladies,
however, am in a dilemma of being In-Love with less than four.
Enjoy thinking about any lady that shows an interest in me,
however, sometimes it keeps me awake and walking the floor.

Guess I will stay a very blessed and happy man,
the attention is lovely and makes an old man proud.
Any more of you beautiful Southern or Northern women
please send me a friend request and join in with the crowd.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Saturday, July 21, 2018


Life is full of surprises
happening to us both.
The reader as well as me,
to give us extra growth.

Painful indeed is some of the
character building procedures.
Selected for deliberate reasons,
by some mentors and teachers.

Each time an infliction of pain
as we are sanded and polished.
Molding us into a useful vessel
of service not to be abolished.

We can be stubborn and refuse
the avenue of service chosen.
Causing us an uphill battle
as our present plight is frozen.

Some have a high calling from God,
To Preach some to Teach and others.
To be good citizens and help those
chosen for the calling of being Mothers.

Whatever God called of you
He will supply you in power,
knowledge, courage, talent,
as needed for the present hour.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Sunday, July 22, 2018


Remember life is short
eliminate all the stress.
Enjoy it with all of
the energy you possess.

From whatever our input,
is what we get from life.
So why should we become
negative and suffer strife.

Deal in truth and happiness
gives more for us to enjoy.
While unbelief and hatred
does nothing but destroy.

Life is less complicated
with the proper attitude.
Presenting family and friends
a proper amount of gratitude.

Always keep business dealings
also, friendship above reproach.
Continuing creating a good
reputation for all those you approach.

Treat all you encounter in life
fairly creating an awareness.
Knowing this most person respond
By dealing with honesty and fairness.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Saturday, July 28, 2018


I have loved and lost,
And have loved and won.
And believe you me,
Winning is a lot more fun.

As with other fazes of life,
How you survive a heartache.
Will in no small degree decide
Your ability to conquer heartbreak.

Most of the mountains we climb.
Give us the strength to attack the next,
Or else it can make us give up, and
Left puzzled and perplexed.

Attitude effects whatever is in our path,
We can be positive and attack with gusto.
Or be negative and develop a vast fear,
Attack with a vengeance or weakly just so.

Any of you contemplating marriage, please
Approach it as a lifetime commitment.
Never marry with the idea of a divorce,
If it should not be a successful fulfillment.

Enter into a marriage knowing it is not a
Fifty-fifty proposition it is to give and take.
Your vows are for better or worse, until
Death-do-you-part, these vows never break.

Should your mindset be anything but giving
One-hundred-ten percent to it do not marry.
Love is strong love is resilient if you give all,
Heart, soul, mind, and prayer this union to carry.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Saturday, April 6, 2019.


Somewhere in this life,
Two lonely hearts meet.
The pleasure of their dreams
As two enjoy one single beat.

Somewhere there is a perfect
Match for those lonely hours.
Despair not but pray for guidance
Ask for help from higher powers.

Once burned, twice shy,
So some people believe
However, with the right
Person true love you receive.

You are strong, you are good
Somewhere there is one perfect,
Searching the same as you,
wait for the one that’s correct.

Do not rush into a choice,
If it is the correct one for you.
The spirit of your soul will
lead you with what’s best to do.

When it is right, your spirit will

Produce peace, and you will know.

If this match is a suitable one,
Heart and mind will match the flow.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Sunday, April 7, 2019


An old friend back in town.
She has been away too long.
Missed by a great many, some
Never knew she was gone.

To most, she is a memory,

But to me, more than that.
Her existence was loved
As we met nightly to chat.

Friends would blow a horn,
When passing her every night
To them, she was Dothan when
She was at her greatest height.

Her building remains and
There are certain times at night
Driving by some say music,
Is heard when things are right.

She had left for thirty years
Or more, but she is still grooving.
In the celebration of her days gone by,
McKee tries to keep her improving.

Words like Mercy, Copasetic
Blow that Horn Again Swinger,
Keep swinging and In the groove,
As WDIG, days gone by still linger.

To some of us, she is more than just
A radio station she is the Big Dig.
More significant than the life she is
Dothan and She is still that big

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,

Friday, April 5, 2019.


I have always heard that love
Makes the world Go-round.
Not so sure that is true,
But, it makes you spin when found.

Love is a commodity that all need,
From the time we are tiny babies.
Growing up, as children and adults
Until we are well past our eighties.

We are never too young to desire love,
Never too old to need and crave it.
Take it for what it is worth,
And take all that life will permit,

When it comes to Love, fill my cup, Lord,
Until it is running over covering all around.
Give me love in the morning, night and noon,
Give it to me with a wife who is love bound.

Love should never be taken for granted,
Brag about it, treat it tenderly and let it nourish.
Let it be your companion all of your live,
And you will leave this life with a flourish.

A good suggestion is to love them all
Every single one until life is over and done.
Love boils down to loving every person
But remember to be in love with only one.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Friday, April 5, 2019.


As the curtain slowly opens
Our Hero, Royal Barron,
Is excited and breathing hard,
Meeting a beauty named Sharon.

He is seeing the vet for his ears
With some infection.
Seeing a Beautiful Blond
He wanted to make a connection.

She was very shy as he approached.
She backed into the arms of her master.
Barron shifted his weight several times
With his heartbeat growing ever faster.

Barron lived with his human and hated,
Before now, going to a Vet or Groomer.
Knowing no ladies of this caliber, so pretty,
And sweet, he just wanted to consume her.

Finally, he strutted over to her side and
Whispered in her ear as she blushed sweetly.
He acquired her address and phone number,
falling head over heels in love completely.

I have her picture on my phone and every time.
I need to use the phone, Barron has it admiring
The beautiful blonde Pomeranian as the curtain
Slowly closes, as Our Hero dreams of acquiring.

Posted and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Tuesday, April 2, 2019.


All knowing, of everything

we think and what we do.
God even knowing all still
loves and forgives even you.

All-powerful Creator of the Universe
explain the flight of a hummingbird.
And other works of your mind,
in the creases of Your Word.

God, suspends the earth with unseen support,
and the seasons come and the seasons go.
Spring and summer make the flowers grow.
Falls breath announces winters snow.

A world destroyed by fire not water next time.
A promise reminder with the rainbow.
God does not need help from man's devices,
just admire his creations and you will know.

You   will know and  serve   you

will not  need the internet or TV,

for every knee, to bow,
and every eye to see.

Confess your need for

God’s love and grace.

Pray Jesus to forgive
us for our sinful pace.

Preston T. Duckett 7/4/16


I saw you there just as plain as day.
While I looked, you went away.
You appeared before me I was afraid,
Because I knew you soon would fade.

Your disappearing happens until I dread to look.
You appear before me like a vision in a book.
I see you, and when I reach out, you are gone.
And as usual, I am left standing alone.

In a vision I see you, and my heart skips a beat.
I see you when awake as well as when asleep.
When I can not see you, you’re still on my mind.
And I search and look, and nothing can I find.

You are standing before me and if I look away.
You disappear as I wish for you to come and stay.
Torment me not in this coming in and going out.
Desiring your presence is why this comes about.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Saturday, March 9, 2019.


It was fantastic for us to be
Together again, You’re missed.
Whenever you travel from home,
We will talk after You are kissed.

Enjoyed dinner, everything was great.
But the best part was watching the moon,
Holding hands in the swing cuddling
And making plans to do it again very soon.

Love has grown and grown since we met,
There are some things we will never forget.
Like that first date and how you made me wait
Your Dad interrogated me, getting upset.

I guess I must have answered Him correctly,
Because it seems I somehow passed muster.
Your Dad thought of me as a frugal provider,
While I felt more like an Indian facing Custer.

With that big pitfall behind us we have developed
A love that is real, and strong, ample for any occasion.
Now that bit is over, and done we must look ahead,
And convince ourselves we are up the equation.

This we can do with time and the help of God.
Without the strength and courage that we need,
From the Trion Godhead we would be pressed,
To have a relationship with any chance to succeed.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, February 25, 2019.


Another beautiful day You
Have given to us Lord.
You always give us more
Than what we can afford.

Your Grace is not for sale
But a gift fair and simple.
You give our facial features some
Smooth others with a dimple.

What you delegate to us is
Exactly what we need.
Some you give beautiful eyes
Others You equip to read.

To one, You give a ready smile,

To others, you give a gift of sympathy.
Another You give the talent to understand,
And to yet another the ability for empathy.

You make different assignments,
A few are called to Pastor others to Preach.
Many of us are called to fill the pews,
While others given the ability to Teach.

You have made each one of us in a different
Fashion, uniquely designed for a specific task.
In the event, we should not know what is ours.
In Prayer, to You Lord, all we need do is ask.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Saturday, March 9, 2019.


I see you now in the eye of my mind,
As you were then so young and sublime.
Tenderly and delicately we kissed.
Enjoying that they never missed.

You were the first for me I know, and
I was the first for you to show,
Real love which progressed by leaps
and bounds, knowing it was for keeps.

You were barely into your teens,
Wearing boots and a pair of jeans.
You are taking in the drift and flow,
In a Town both old and slow.

We stood out from the crowd and peers.
Both suffering insults and jeers.
You were a member of the in-crowd.
And I was short of what the law allowed.

Your parents were ashamed of me,
And wished for you to stop and see.
Why I was terrible for you in this life,
Never wanting you to by my wife.

We decided to go ahead taking a chance on it.
All these years the candle of love stayed lit.
A man knows not the way of love and the heart.
Therefore, we will be together till death do us part.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Thursday, February 28, 2019.


Lord you have given us another

Spectacular day still looming
And an early touch of spring, with
Trees budding, flowers blooming.

New life bursting all around us
As you clear our docket of work.
Allowing time to sit and reflect
Thanking You for each pleasant perk.

Please continue to lead, guide and direct,
Mind, body and, spirit as we proceed,
To uplift the spirits of Your people
With Your Word and thoughts and deed.

Keep our Hearts and minds up and going.
Even as the World seems muffled and unstable.
Keep us knowing You are still in control, and can
Turn things around even when we are not able.

Increase the amount of Love Your People have
For other inhabitants living in the World, You created.
Give us an infilling of Your Holy Spirit
And a Love for people and things once hated.


Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Wednesday, February 27, 2019.


Lord, what are we to do?
The World is out of control.
Everything we hold valuable,
The sights we set for our goal.

Schools no longer can pray,
Two plus two is no longer four.
The absolutes are no longer,
Socialism, communism, and more.

Father, we are from a simpler time.
We came along when a mans a word.
Was considered to be more binding
Than a contract and was preferred.

Each generation we lose more
Of our faith in the Holy Trinity.
And the morals we held dear,
With Bible reading and divinity.

The only thoughts that keep us
On a level and steady ride.
Is knowing You are in control
And Your Word is our guide.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, May 20, 2019.


Dear Lord thank you for every new day.
And for the blessings sent my way.
Life sprouting before us on a daily basis.
Creating around us our private oasis,

Spring arriving with an absolute vengeance,
With daily proof of Your transcendence.
In the early morning stillness sublime,
As Praise from the Birds ebb and climb.

Springtime growth in the leaves and grass
Soaking in Your wonders of a morning mass
Barely breathing, hearing the elements grow.
Faintly from far away songs of praise soon flow.

The weaving of a growing pattern soon evolves,
While peace flows over us as worry dissolves.
Each day, please grant me this particular time with You.
I am giving peace to my soul, serving Heaven in all I do.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Wednesday, May 1, 2019.


In Roads and love, some crooked with
lots of curves, hills, potholes, and pools.
A diversity as vast any country
Or any town with variable rules.

Love must follow specific regulations,
and is never taken for granted.
Love must be nurtured, with care
And thoughtfulness never demanded.

It must be allowed time to strengthen,
And grow into a pattern each can follow.
Entrenched to a deep and abiding depth
Within which both have room to wallow.

Each partner must travel at a speed
Designed to mold them together.
Entwined in a tightly knitted web to
Withstand storms and other kinds of weather.

A relationship always needs building up
And never harsh words or physical blows.
However, it can never be a fifty-fifty plan,
As it is giving and taking as everybody knows.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Tuesday, April 16, 2019.


I can see 'Me' when I
look into your eyes.
You can see 'You in
Mine with no surprise.

Windows of our souls
will never show us lies.
Thereby, we can trust
What we see in our eyes.

We laugh, we sing.
Our love is true.
Many let love die,
We keep ours new.

Dancing to a tune for
just 'me and you'.
No one else believes
But we know it’s true.

We flirt, we giggle,
Making everything fun.
Such beautiful dreams
Us together being 'one.'

In this world and the next
We plan with Gods help.
To enjoy all, He has to offer,
Watching our every step.

Written by Rose and Preston T.
Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, April 1, 2019,


Memories long forgotten
In the recesses of my mind.
Surface when thoughts turn
To you and times left behind.

Back when we were too young
To know what life we desired.
Involved only in the minute,
Knew not what life required.

Only needed a dollars worth of gas,
For great fun in the days of our youth.
Our transportation handed down
From my parents and that’s the truth.

Parking on the back row of the drive-in.
rushing thru life as if there were no tomorrows.
Cuddling, stealing kisses, enjoying the times.
In our naivety, only time for love, never sorrows.

Stopping of at the Grill after School for a drink,
Usually, a milkshake in a single cup with two straws.
Because of Dad’s generousity would have enough
To afford a banana split, with two spoons, just because.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Wednesday, April 17, 2019.


I see your face,
As if you were here,
You are so far away,
Seeming so near.

There are times when
I look, and you are gone.
Lately, you have been
With me since early dawn.

Words of encouragement
Fall from your sweet lips.
Forming a firm foundation,
Of how we can come to grips.

When family and friends have
the feeling we are making
Mistakes we can not overcome,
Leaving our hearts breaking.

They mean well but know not
How great and meaningful
Is our love and how deep our
commitment or how peaceful.

You mean everything to me,
My all-in-all love so grand.
With time and patience we
Will make them understand.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Sunday, March 31, 2019.


I see your face,
As if you were here,
You are so far away,
Seeming so near.

There are times when
I look, and you are gone.
Lately, you have been
With me since early dawn.

Words of encouragement
Fall from your sweet lips.
Forming a firm foundation,
Of how we can come to grips.

When family and friends have
the feeling we are making
Mistakes we can not overcome,
Leaving our hearts breaking.

They mean well but know not
How great and meaningful
Is our love and how deep our
commitment or how peaceful.

You mean everything to me,
My all-in-all love so grand.
With time and patience we
Will make them understand.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Sunday, March 31, 2019.


Down on the Farm,
back in the hills.
Where people loved God,
and had very few ills.

Where folks are your people,
friendly with one another,
attending the little white church,
learning to honor Father and Mother.

Oft times my thoughts wander
to those days of memories dear
now they seem even fonder
as I recall feelings of a past year.

Feeding hogs and chasing cattle
it was a labor of love and toil
carrying water and
working with the soil.

working hard from morn till night
and when the day was thru
feeling that everything was right
with fellow man, your God and You.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett, 1959


There is something I forgot
To tell you last time we talked.
I saw our Pink Moon
Two nights ago as I walked.

It was beautiful as always,
Full and in its Glory,
Not completely pink but brilliant,
By the account of your story.

Often we tend to barge ahead,
Omitting many miracles daily.
That beautify our surroundings,
Strumming our heartstrings gaily.

This world is more enjoyable if we
Take time to enjoy and admire,
Our God-given surroundings,
As we touch, feel and inquire.

Always thinking of sorrow,
Reluctant to enjoy God’s Grace.
Believing we are not worthy,
Until we meet Jesus, face to face.

I do thank God that you came into my life.
And how you find beauty in all, is understood.
And the thing we feel we must endure,
Is blessings working for our good.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Monday, April 22, 2019.


With reverence and awe
We approach Your Throne.
With Thanksgiving and appreciation,
for love, You have shown

We Praise you for the protection given
In the storms, and times of illness.
We are thankful for the opportunity
And the ability to pray in the early stillness.

We are very fortunate for being able
To communicate with You at any time.
And you are never too busy to hear us,
Through Your Grace and love sublime.

Psalm 19:14, May the words of my
Mouth and the meditation of my Heart,
Be pleasing in your sight. Lord my
Rock and my Redeemer. Amen and Amen.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Friday, April 19, 2019.


Time is a limited commodity.
Use it wisely and share it freely.
Ask Jesus for wisdom and knowledge
And He will supply it as needed ideally.

There is a time for working
Which a few hard workers overdo.
Except for the few that rest waiting
For their strength that is overdue.

God gives us an example by his
Creating the universe in six days.
And resting on the seventh. Proving
Rest is as essential as work always.

All work and no play makes for a dull life.
But all play and no work makes one poor.
The ideal solution is a proper balance between
Work, rest, and play to teach our grandeur.

God gives us this time, and it is up to us as to how
It is used, a time of thanksgiving to the heavenly host.
Should be included in every heart every day.
Praise God, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Buckle up, as the Memory Express,
delivers us back in the annals of time.
This mode of travel is not always,
The most used, but always sublime.

Close your thinking down and enjoy,
A captivating time when I first met Rose.
The time was thirty minutes past noon.
Waiting for her and wondering, I suppose.

Had been three years since meeting on the phone,
And knew not what this meeting would bring.
I Took both her small hands and in turn bowing
And twice kissed each hand that wore a ring.

Holding each hand, I looked deeply into her eyes.
Which are said to be the windows of the soul?
Her eyes sparkled, and danced, a flirty grin widened
Allowing me to know this love was real and whole.

We embraced as time, for the moment, stood still,
Reluctantly we parted, hearing a mumbling of people sound.
Giving little, or no attention as others became a blur,
Our highest expectations paled, compared to what we found.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Saturday, May 25, 2019.


What you people seem
Too not understand.
Are our appetite and moods
Change on demand.

What I like to eat now,
Maybe, old hat and passé.
By the time you choose
To feed me tomorrow day.

Mr. Smarty Pants keeps handing
Down different kinds of treats.
And I try to get him to share
Whatever it is that he eats.

Last evening he seemed to
Be enjoying something different.
Starring him down he broke off
A small piece, and it was magnificent.

Heard him telling someone on the phone
About the surprise that I liked cornbread.
At his next meal he had peanut butter, and
Jelly biscuit, I barked and shook my head.

Mr. Smarty broke some off around the edge,
Which I devoured with great delight.
Think I discovered a weakness in his manner,
Hoping he will have a steak tonight.

Written by Royal Barron, Esquire Pomeranian Extraordinaire
Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Tuesday, May 21, 2019.


The Bible, a book written by men,
Under the inspiration of a Holy God.
All prophet predictions in the
Old Testament, exact one hundred percent.

The knowledge that the Bible was
Written by Inspired word from God above.
Believed by many people much wiser, and
More educated than I, follow it in true love.

I believe in all concepts spelled out
In the Written Word of God, Almighty.
The Scriptures misused abused and
Misinterpreted by some and held lightly.

Those that put the words down did so
With instructions from the Holy Ghost.
Containing safeguards and full guidance
Perceived and protected by the Heavenly Host.

Many have tried to change and disapprove
The teachings of this most Holy of Works.
However, it has stood the test of time,
And is a comfort to the mighty and the clerks.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Tuesday, May 21, 2019.


Thank you, Lord, for Your Holy Word,
Inside whatever type of binder we choose.
The eternal truths extend throughout
The Holy Bible the official Good News.

Mere Humans wrote the Bible,
However, these mortals were Spirit inspired.
To Chronicle not only The Living Christ but.
Also to delegate, and expound on what is required.

A diligent study of God’s Holy Word brings forth,
A new slant on knowledge already obtained.
But, also new and precious enlightenment,
To present to those who need to be sustained.

God, please give us knowledge and foresight
Not only to study and gain enlightenment.
But also power to present this knowledge and hope
To believers, and those from a negative environment.

Instill in us the desire to carry Your precepts and teachings
To those around us, and unbelievers around the Earth.
May we be able to package your love, grace, and truth
Simply and emphatically, the wonders of a new Birth.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Thursday, May 23, 2019.


Dawn breaks, the Earth comes to life.
Listen, and you can hear,
The yawning trees stretching, flexing
growing leaves for another year.

Sitting still, being quiet and listening
For the sounds of praise from the birds,
Beautiful music with each trying to
Outdo pears, too cute for words.

Berries and flowers blooming creating food for
All creation manifested by the Father and the Son.
With hands covering and protecting large and small
The mighty Holy Trinity working in unison as one,

Only with the breaking of the day in dawns flickering light.
Does this realm of ours shiver, shake and fall into place.
In the evening with stillness creeping in as the Sunsets
Bringing about a hush the sky has taken on a different face.

Rising to light the sky is the silvery moon in all its glory,
As twinkling one by one the stars enhance the Moons light.
With Praises to God and all of the Heavenly host, and
All is well as we, all His creatures settle in for the night.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Tuesday, May 14, 2019.


The week is almost over, and I have
Been negligent in expressing my Love.
Always thought it was the uniform that
Held my attention fitting like a glove.

But now have come to realize that is not the case
It is the warm, loving heart that has my attention.
The long hard hours as you perform your duty,
And smile thru the heartbreak and tension.

Always covering your pain,
And concentrating on the patient.
Who’s pain drives them to lash out,
At you, as they are hurting, and impatient.

Nurses have to be steady and capable,
always putting your hurts aside.
Paint a smile on your face, and
Your best foot forward, provide.

My hat is off to you wonderful
People that take abuse from many.
You know it is not personal; however
The abuse and heartache are aplenty.

It still has to hurt you because of
Your immense care and service.
You are often taking on the wings of an angel,
Even when we do you such a disservice.

God will surely bless you and yours,
for your knowledge and devotion.
And strengthening all of your reserves
To hold and control your emotion.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Friday, May 10, 2019.



The fact that you are my only Son-in-law,
Has nothing to do with the equation.
But your diligence and unending help
Has brought me to this persuasion.

When I needed help at the Cemetery
You stepped in and worked diligently.
When we had a grave to dig, you dug.
And with the grass, you did magnificently.

I never ask anything of you that you did not do,
Sometimes without me ever having to ask.
You were always there and inquiring, and
Whatever the need you were up to the task.

When the time came for me to sell the Cemetery
And age crept on me like a thief in the night.
You stepped in and relieved me of the arduous
Tasks an old man faces, making sure all is right.

Your consistent attitude and willingness in
Any situation or chores whatever done.
Regardless of the case or problems that appear
And when I am ready to quit, you have just begun.

So may I take this time and this way to express
My appreciation for all that you have done.
To family and friends, you are known as Shelby,
However, I have the pleasure of calling you Son.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, May 6, 2019.