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Thank You, Father, for
early morning prayer.
With the stars decorating
Your handiwork there.

Always astounded by the sight
of the stars and their beauty.
Mind thinking of many events
ranging from pleasure to duty.

Much better start most days
when we can meet before
We face protests, anger,
weather damages, and more.

It is most pleasurable to be
under your skies admiring
the lighted stars that adorn
You're morning so awe-inspiring.

Feeling closer to You here than
anywhere in the universe.
Private prayer time with God
thanks and needs to rehearse.

The sun breaking in the East,
head bowed and petitions delivered.
To the Holy Trinity, facing this
day with all your arrows quivered.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett, Tuesday, August 21, 2018.


May the words of my mouth
and the meditations of my heart.
Be always acceptable in Your sight
from birth until it is time to depart.

Please furnish my mind and
Talent with the word or phrase
That will reach a hardened heart
Not approachable in other ways.

Please let your power and love
Be extended to those that skim
over the words may they pause
And ponder what is before them.

Direct their mind and desires,
In the path of Your Holy Word.
Give understanding and direction
To all thing pure have occurred.

Give the plan of Salvation to
All the lost and undone,
God's plan to save all humanity
since time and eternity begun.

Ask forgiveness for your sins believing
in the death of Christ at Calvary.
His burial and miraculous resurrection
as prophesied on day three.

Published and copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Saturday, August 25, 2018,


The worst pain I ever suffered
is the pain I am having at present.
Compared to pains from the past,
somehow only seem as unpleasant.

The brain has a capacity to lessen
the degree of what was suffered.
While the one that is current
In a status that is unbuffered.

Memories are often misleading
because the brain protects.
With a dulling effect of pain,
as time and distance reflects.

Pleasant memories take
the path of enhancement.
Relived with pleasure
and elevated advancement.

The degree of remembering
and forgetting is protection.
Retaining only the pleasant
detours others another direction.

Copyrighted and Published by Preston T. Duckett
Thursday, August 23, 2018,


We have an anniversary coming soon,
we met earlier, but that was the first
One of the verses that I wrote about you,
with immediate overflow, it dispersed.

Our contacts caught fire and melted
into a burning fire not quickly stopped.
Ws worried our youngsters as they felt
whatever we had they could not adopt.

So we slowed it down and floated along,
keeping our options open wide.
Knowing what we had could not
always find a way our love to hide.

Instead of doing as they were hoping
our bonds grew stronger while going ahead.
And instead of drifting apart as they thought
iour love grew ever deeper instead.

Now here we are drifting into our third year,
with all things going strong and in line.
Our hearts have meshed together in rhythm
as we ask acceptance by Jesus Christ divine.

It looks as if twenty-nineteen will be our year,
while we increase our love and develop goals.
Planning to show a shallow profile,
while asking Jesus to bless our hearts and souls.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, September 3, 2018.


Lord in Heaven let me
walk closer with You.
Hold my hand lest I
fall for something new.

The devil is sly,
with many picks.
Let me not fall for
any of his tricks.

Jesus hold my hand and
guide me along the path.
Place a hedge around me,
protection from Satan’s wrath.

Let Your Spirit reside with me,
for guidance and direction,
Keeping me on the strait and narrow,
for the Heavenly connection.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
( Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Walking in the rain,
wetter than a beaver,
Five miles from home
running a fever.

Had a lot on my mind
walking to clear my head.
Thinking and talking to God
recalling what was said.

I hurt her, know I did.

insisting on a decision
Before she was ready
causing a large division.

Soaked to the skin,
no feeling of regret.
I am sure she’ll forgive,
not sure she’ll forget.

Liking the rain,
covers my falling tears.
While doing nothing
to comfort my fears.

There’s no one to blame
I brought it on myself.
I found the enemy
It is us, we ourself.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
(PrestonTNT, Com.) Monday, August 20, 2018.


If you are a Christian
let others know.
by not what you say
but by what you show.

Live the forgiven life
So others by actions can tell,
That you have received salvation
and you are going to Heaven, not Hell.

Because of our saved life
we want everyone to know.
How to get to get to Heaven
And not suffer agony below.

We shout it from the housetop
and everywhere we go.
Especially family and friends
we want to make sure they know.

They are difficult now to reach,
they are waiting for a chance.
To see what kind of Christian you are
prove it with actions belief to enhance.

When you have proven yourself
and live the life that you claim.
Your actions prove Christ in you is real
what you have they will want the same.

They will then will ask you how to repent,
your words will then be heard and believed.
Tell of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection,
and how for them salvation can be achieved.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Wednesday, August 29, 2018,


Heavenly Father we worship
You, and not your creations.
However, we are awed by
them beyond all expectations.

We marvel at the beauty of
Your magnitude of flowers.
Wild creatures of every size
the shape and differing powers.

The magnificent winged birds
either traveling individually,
or in large migrating flocks
going on routes habitually.

We are observing the colors in
a wide range of the foliage of fall.
And the wonders of winter with
the individuality of snowflakes so small.

All of the above and much more,
designed and produced by Your Word.
Precision, continuation, without flaw,
by Your Miracle, all of this occurred.

You made provisions for forgiving sin,
Your only Son so cruelly crucified.
He died, was buried and arose from the grave,
on the third day as Your Word specified.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
(, Wednesday, September 19, 2018.


You are on my mind and in my heart.
Thinking about you is always great.
A pleasant flow of sweet love,
within a soul that is forever straight.

Never have to check your word as
I hear your beautiful, uplifting voice.
Sharing the depth of your love causing
my heart to spring and my soul rejoice.

The biggest thrill of the day,
Is when we converse on the phone,
When your voice I hear,
I am no longer feeling alone.

I am delighted that a  friend introduced us.

Without any doubt,I knew you were

a lady on whom I could depend.

Since we became acquainted

love is continually flowing around.

It is enjoyable, and a delight,
thank God for the love we found.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Tuesday, September 18, 2018, (


Back in old days of yore, it was
hard to find replacement parts.
Everything was scarce during the
depression and as WWII starts.

Most of you may not be able to
remember back all that far.
Our mode of transportation was
mule and wagon, few had a car.

During this time if it broke you
fixed it any way you could.
Throw nothing away it can always
be used that was what was understood.

After the war was over and the
The economy began to roll once more.
Factory items were made to last,
because they remembered before.

Frugality and "waste not want not,"
was the method by which adults operated.
A handshake and a man's word were good
as a signed contract and everyone cooperated.

The next generation found life more productive,
and soon forgot the deep dark days of depreciation.
After the WarCredit became more accessible.
Television happened, and parents gave children a better education.

We quickly developed into a throwaway society,
as we merged into the era of self-indulgence.
Drifting from the teachings of our youth,
Becoming self-centered in a lifestyle of abundance.

The current generation seems to feel entitled,
it is all about them which seems to be the attitude.
So give me everything that I want or desire.
And I owe you nothing, not even gratitude.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett, September 3, 2018


We live in a World that is full
all types of strange misfits.
We each have our own unique
slant on things and think it fits.

Whatever we do is a normal
proper. justifiable, and correct.
The other person is wrong
and we and ours are perfect.

This attitude has gained a foothold
deeper and deeper this generation.
With less people going to Church,
and is supported by education.

The Bible is no longer believed,
by some, to be the Word of God.
Some that do accept it as such,
worship with a religious façade.

'We have attempted to claim the

Bible is just a suggestive approach,
And live lives totally in opposition,
and with absolutely no reproach.

God has not changed since the start
but in a lot of cases, we have changed,
our god to serve our purposes and to
a lifestyle that we have rearranged.

For this we must repent and return
to the infallible, unchanging Word.
God gave us through His Prophets,
and Christ’s teaching that occurred.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
(,) Saturday, August 18, 2018.


With my eyes closed, I see your face
The tears rolling down both cheeks.
Did not want to leave but we had
No choice the draft gave us two weeks.

Our life placed on hold for two years.
Same as others we cried and laughed,
The call to fortify the military with
training recruits called by the draft.

Answering the call as so many others,
it was expected, and so it was done.
No thought of rebellion as this was
called and was not something to shun.

It seemed like a lifetime when involved.
and such a short glitch looking back.
Was not long until we were at home and
busy in getting the rest of our life on track.

Slowly you dissolved into a lovely memory,
as scenes of our life together passed.
Like in movie shorts running together,
lapping over as each picture flashed.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
(,) Saturday, August 18, 2018


All at one time or another search
for a love that is pure and real
Once found and captured,
nurture and foster the appeal.

The fortunate are those who
find the soul mate once.
Then there are those that
for a second one hunts.

And are twice blessed as
the Lord puts them together.
Such were we as blessed
when finding an angel feather.

We received the grant of love
which was so easy to attain.
Falling in love was quickly done,
so completely easy to maintain.

You know I give you my all
In this wonderful romance.
Revolving on Angels breath
gently choosing to enhance.

Wrapping us in loves warm
blanket of calmness.
Tenderness giving way to the
futures incredible promise.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Thursday, August 30, 2018.
Written by Rose and Preston T.


When I was a youngster, in my prime,
the world was my oyster, and I learned to cope.
With advanced age, the tide turned, and now
in old age, I live in prayer and with hope.

The Lord has been excellent and extended
my time in this life that He has given.
Energy weakened, and the bones creak,
dying is no problem, Jesus has forgiven.

Unable now to take care of others,
also, too old to care for myself.
So a marriage between us two,
is not attainable, and put on the shelf.

Our love will continue and go on until
we reach the end of our days.
When we can meet for a stroll in
the Park, we will give God the praise.

Sometimes a meal, and other times
we may talk, and share memories.
And, the aches and pains that age causes,
therefore, we will also share our remedies.

Even so, our love is real and robust,
as we know that someone cares.
With a quick phone call to inquire,
showing love, and the answer to prayers.

Ideally, I do desire to spend the rest of
my time with you, as my loving wife.
That option is not available; however,
I shall love you for the rest of my life.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Thursday, September 13, 2018. (


Hello to the love of my life,
blessed by a second chance.
For a soul mate type love
in an old age romance.

Many people will tell us
there is no way it will thrive
Because of comparing the new
to the old when they were alive.

There are no factors in the present
time they can not be compared.
We will develop our performance
as we have already declared.

Our love is not a replacement factor
as it developed without us trying.
When it bloomed and blossomed
with neither of us even applying.

It was there, and it was meant to be,
it was gradual not love at first sight.
We have been acquainted for many years
and fell in love regardless of your height.

We have so many things in our favor
as an example, we have much love stored.
Plus knowledge of things done wrong
in the past loves that can not be ignored.

It is time for us to let our love be known
and as we announce it to all the population.
Shouting it from the mountain tops,
announcing the entire World this information.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Wednesday, September 12, 2018. (


Heavenly Father, our finite minds
and with this limited knowledge.
We must trust Your infinite brain,
also, pay You our humble homage.

As we can see only small portions
of what you have created.
So on faith, we have to accept
that Jesus has made us related.

His act of being crucified
on a cruel cross died, was buried,
But arose again on the third day,
to give a path for sins forgiveness.

Check the third chapter of John
in the Holy Bible and verse sixteen.
Here you will find the reason for
Jesus to become our saving machine.

Continue to read in John 3:17 etc.,
you will find a path to Heavens Gate
and that it can not be earned or bought,
only believe in Christ before it is too late.

The best advice I heard in reference
to understanding the Holy Bible
Was read before and after any verse
that way you get the full context.

Never take one single item or verse,
out of context always read on.
Reading ahead and behind a passage
and face any problem head-on.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Monday, August 27, 2018, (


Hatred and un-forgiveness
Will eat away at your soul.
Most often it hurts only you.
making you lose control.

The person that is not forgiven
rarely ever knows of the wrong.
They are not harmed by your
hatred no matter how strong.

Take away knowledge from the
mishap but be sure to forgive,
Moreover, hate not, or it will twist
your heart as long as you live.

In addition to helping clear your mind,
forgiveness will lift your heavy load.
Treat them with the Christ brand of love.
also, it will place them in a smoldering mode.

The Bible tells us to treat enemies with love.
so it will heap coals upon their head.
Treat them as if there was no trouble,
also, it will drive them crazy in your stead.

everyone you meet is treated with dignity,
allowing them the benefit of a doubt.
Those that are appreciative may become friends,
those who don’t you are better off without.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
(,) Monday, August 13, 2018.


Monday comes on the same day
each week, and it is here to stay.
We can start each week either up or down.
Greeting the world with a smile, not a frown.

Both are in our spirit, and our brain.
Strictly up to us if it is gain or pain.
We control our attitude high or low.
Talking and being positive’s the way to go.

We can greet each morning with hope and prayer.
Praising God and feeling good for others to share.
The other side is talking negative feeling bad.
Have a pity party, talking ourselves into feeling sad.

fe is simple, yet we often make it a complicated task.

We try to work our way when all e need do is ask,

Reaching for the Father, in prayer, to extend us assistance.
We need to admonish Jesus, daily and follow step by step.

ft to our devices,    blunderand fall without His help.

The Holy Spirit resides in us and watches always.
Acting as our guide on what we need to open doorways.

Keeping in mind our need for a daily devotion,

Bible study and prayer leads to our promotion.
A guarantee is our prayers to our Heavenly host.
Of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, August 13, 2018.


Bypassing by God’s wonders
as we close our eyes.
To beauty surrounding us
beneath God’s open skies.

Enjoying not the flowers,
As we go passing by.
Missing heavens gifts
moreover, wondering why.

Open your heart to Jesus,
let him show you the way.
Life will have more depth
also, meaning every day.

Moving along life’s highway,
finding new sound and sight.
The thrilling newness of life
filled with a sense of delight.

Believe in Jesus,
he gave his life for you.
Arose the third day
your life to renew.

Give your heart to God,
please do not hesitate.
Do not wait, do it now,
before eternally too late.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
8/13/16. (


Father in Heaven, Praise your name.
thank you, Father, for every day.
With each day spent in service
honoring you all of the way.

Thank You, Lord for our small candle,
may we hold it high and be a light.
In a dark and troubled world, let us all
lift our candle to brighten the night.

One small flame easy extinguished,
but a hundred is harder to handle.
Imagine how much of light for Jesus
We’d have if all Christians lit a Candle

So keep your candle lit and held high,
protected from the Devils evil wiles.
Trim your wicks and be prepared for
the fateful day of Heavens trials.

Let your light join with others in
proclaiming Jesus as King of Kings.
Reflect Christ in our time here and
be rewarded with heavenly things.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Tuesday, August 28, 2018,


I spend most of my time
writing facts and fiction.
And praising Jesus Christ
for giving me conviction.

Also, for saving my soul,
so in study and prayer.
God gives me words of
insight with you to share.

Proverbs 9:9 Give instruction
to a wise man, and he will be
still wiser; teach a righteous man,
and he will increase in learning.

God’s Word if studied in deliberation.
Will respond in Faith building.
Meditate on His Word daily,
Your life will go beyond rebuilding.

Matthew ll:28 Come to me, all who labor
and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Place all your trust in Jesus and place your
Heavy load on Christ, put Him to the test.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Tuesday, September 18, 2018. (


“Let us make man in our image,”
God created us with that in mind.
We were to become in the image of God,
but we worked out a new design.

The man has always gone against God.
We believe that we have a better plan.
Choosing to try making God in our image,
However, God hasn’t changed since time began.

Before Christ people were under the Law
later the Ten Commandments or the law of Moses
God had a better plan, and He sent His only Son,
To cover the Sin Debt of the world and He chose us.

This generation listens to what they wish to hear
attending only the Churches teaching moderation.
They have misconstrued this to mean that some sins
are permissible and accepted as a part of our education.

The Old Testament has the laws that God’s
Prophets foresaw and on which they wrote.
They foretold events given to them by God.
Including the coming of Christ, they did promote.

Under the New Covenant, Jesus died covering our Sins,
with His death burial and coming forth alive on day three,
Ask for forgiveness and believe he did this for you,
and in God’s Holy Grace, Jesus blood will set you free.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T.Duckett,
Saturday, September 15, 2018. (


You are here with me
even when you’re away.
Your perfume is in the air
as I passed your room today.

Your scarf draped over a chair,
from a time we danced all night.
Capping the night in our favorite place
with a lovely meal by candlelight.

Whenever I revisit our old haunts,
so many times and so many places,
Remnants of you remain,
among the myriad of all new faces.

While dining alone, I insist they
bring me a table for two.
As in bygone days when I
waited patiently for you.

Your delay was no bother to me
I enjoyed standing as you entered.
Watching heads turn at your smile,
as all eyes on you was centered.

The beauty and style were dazzling
your entrance always was perfect.
Awe of silence fell into a soft sigh
as your demeanor demanded respect.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, August 27, 2018


Heavenly Father, Thank You
For all Your creations and creatures.
All those you place in our circle,
Our Pastors and our Teachers.

Thank You for the birds in the sky,
Also, water creatures in the sea.
Animals that abound in the wild
Moreover, quiet ones You let be.

Plants and flowers galore,
trees for shelter and fruit.
Wild berries for the birds
Also, animals that eat the root.

You created it all with wisdom
Also, a harmony so all could survive.
To the birds and the bees,
You gave the instinct to stay alive.

For each creature, you made a place
In the chain of food and pecking order.
Man thinks he is the top of the line.
However, without Your Grace it's disorder.

We thank You for all You do and give,
Moreover, also for air, You gave for breath.
Without which nothing would live,
Also, everywhere there would be death.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Friday, August 10, 2018,


Heavy are the days when you are away.
Why not remain with me why not stay.
You belong right here held in my arms.
With all of your beauty and charms.

We can not compete with New York City.
We are a small town, clean and pretty.
Also, we boast of many local attractions
In the beauty of city parks, and water actions.

The perfect place for us a family to start.
Boy and girl babies to hold close to our heart.
I would like for them to have your beauty,
my work desire and dedication to duty.

Gathering the better parts of you my dear.
The love of music and, paintings so sincere.
With a smidgen of the sports for good measure.
Along the line of ball games for our pleasure.

Slower living arraignments with time to enjoy
All of God’s creations and creatures to employ.
The wonders of nature as created by the almighty.
In the daylight and the stars and moon nightly

The above items are the things that are real.
And offer all of us the items that are ideal.
Now is the time to decide to go or stay
If you have trouble knowing then its time to pray.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Sunday, August 12, 2018.


Do you remember when?
Gambling was called Sin.
Do some of you also recall,
No movies, and no TV at all.

How about a ten O’clock curfew
Knowing it sure didn’t hurt you.
This was when parents were in charge.
Also, we thought the punishment was large.

Drinking was all done under cover of night.
Desiring to get home and in bed before daylight.
Tiptoeing past Mama’s room holding your breath.
Knowing if she smelled drink it would be sudden death.

Thought Mama had eyes in the back of her head.
However, she relied on our little “lie ticks” instead.
She always knew when we were telling lies.
A dead give away when she looked into our eyes.

Back in the days when the parents were in charge.
Moreover, kids were recruits and Mom was the Sarge.
Not to be confused with the likes of children today.
Controlling the home, parents do what the children say.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Tuesday, August 14, 2018.


She stands outside alone
with soft windy fingers
deftly caressing her hair
in a delicate touch, it lingers.

She is looking for her love.
And wishing he was there
Roses blooming in the garden,
placing a sweet fragrance in the air.

She was thinking of him while
placing a rose in the elusive hair.
He was walking along the dirt road
toward her as she was suddenly aware.

Her hearts rhythm increased its beat,
lifting her long skirt ladylike fashion.
She runs into the arms of her true love
as they hold each other with a passion.

Arm in arm the proceeded to her house,
about half way there he dropped to a knee.
While holding both her hands, he gave each
a gentle kiss and asked “will you marry me?

Yes, yes she cried pulling him to his feet,
their lips met as they held each other,
He whispered in her ear “time to seek
permission from your Father and Mother.

Written by Rose and Preston T.
Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett, August 28, 2018


Love keeps the World turning.
Also, love is what holds it in space.
Along with other planets and Stars
rotating around in God’s place.

No greater love has any man,
than one who will lay down
his life for a friend, as Jesus
gave his life for everyone around.

That was not only for the ones
In his day but also included
you, me, and all of humanity,
as our sin debt, it concluded.

Christ was the perfect lamb
without blemish or a spot.
Jesus died on the Cross,

God’s Word, the Holy Bible,

tells of Christ’s death, burial,
and resurrection, on the third day,
Repent and believe in

Christ as the way.

Confess your sins to the Triune Godhead,

believing in Jesus as your Heavenly Host.
Praying the sinner's prayer in the name of,
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Tuesday, September 11, 2018.


My children are always courteous,
thankful, mannerly, near perfection.
Never a minute of trouble, orderly,
delightful from any direction.

With my children out of the way
let us now start on your hellions.
Children are to be seen and not heard,
I am aware of your children’s rebellions.

Your children drive to fast and drink too much
also, they play their music too loud.
They get further out of control and leave
you very little for which to be proud.

How one sees children yours or mine.
Is according to how firmly you deem them.
Blood is thicker than water, and so it should be.
Simply put, mine I treasure yours I condemn.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, September 3, 2018.


I feel as if I hear directly during
morning prayers as a song of a bird
Joins in with praises to the Lord
announcing that Jesus heard.

As each request made to God
a puff of wind from behind.
Makes me aware as another
request often enters my mind.

Some days seem more difficult
to reach the Throne of God again.
Due to different reasons because
of distraction entering since I began.

The devil is very subtle and sly,
placing objects into your mind,
Merely to interrupt your thoughts
getting them off what is designed.

Get behind me Satan and stay away
relief will come for a minute or two.
Allowing a new focus on your prayer
for the moment he will be back anew.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett.
Tuesday, September 4, 2018.


Our Father in Heaven
thank You for all blessings,
grace, and love, when we are
hurting You furnish the dressings.

Thank You, Father, that you are
never too busy to hear a prayer.
Please give us the ability to
treat all with loving care.

Your Spirit is our constant
companion, let us be sensitive
to the Holy Spirits presence,
also, wisdom not to be insensitive.

May we at all times be aware
of the leading of the Spirit.
Moreover, allow our sensitivities
be always tuned to hear it.

Give us the desire to love and
share the love with others.
All that we meet and especially
all of our Sisters and Brothers.

Published and Coprighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Friday, August 17, 2018.


Many moons ago seemingly as in another life.
With visions of events troubling and full of strife.
Pictures never bright enough to know the wrong.
The pressure presses down the feelings are strong.

Almost as if a dream that is just out of reach.
Flowing in and out trying to stop the breach.
So as the hand reaches out with a grasp,
Finding nothing to hold onto or to clasp.

Something is out of kilter that does not jell.
Mind beginning to wonder, as it starts to swell.
Repeating over and over and louder and louder.
In, out, and over, as thoughts turn to a chowder.

Heart beginning to pulsate then comes the sweat.
Unknown danger, unidentified, but always a threat.
Breathing is labored, no reasons known.
On both pillowcase and sheets, the wetness shown.

Throwing both feet off the edge of the bed onto the floor,
Barron, my dog, is restless and huddles next to the door.
The clock registers half-past five, and I am still alive.
Time to greet the Sun and another day attempting to survive.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett .
Friday, August 17, 2018.


You are never alone,
when you have Christ.
He is with you 24-7 with
a love that will suffice,

Jesus is always ready
all knowing, all seeing.
Always ready for your call,
also, for your wellbeing.

The triune Godhead is
there for your every need
As close as a prayer,
ask, and you will succeed.

Never give up on Jesus and
He’ll never give up on you.
Keep reading, and prayed up
so you may receive your due.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett.
Thursday, August 16, 2018.


I recall when you were just a kid.
Tall, gangly, all legs and skinny as a rail.
Back then you had braces on your teeth
hair flying wild and you didn’t need a scale.

What happened to you the year I was gone.
Those bones now covered with creamy skin,
the braces gone, replaced by pearly whites,
you rounded out, but, are still pleasantly thin.

A dazzling beauty I spotted from the plane.
That flew into my arms like you always did.
Had to push you back so I could soak it in,
with the freckles gone you’re no longer a kid.

So much to catch up on and many things to do.
Dinner is a good time and place to reminisce.
We will visit your favorite hot dog stand, and
after we’ve eaten, I’ll have my dessert as a kiss.

It is incredible, how much you’ve changed.
Remember when you ask me to your prom,
and I almost turned you down as too young.
I had no idea you’d be prettier than your mom.

Looking forward to getting to know you better,
without the hopscotch or a horseshoe game.
That we played when we were oh, so young,
get ready girl because I am staking my claim.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Friday, September 14, 2018. PrestonTNT,com


Most follow the path of least resistance,
the more successful of these push ahead.
Compliancy allows an easier flow but,
movers and shakers oppose instead.

The catfish is a gentle old soul whereas
the Salmon swims against the flow.
Swimming even waterfalls returning to
spawning grounds by instinct you know.

I was one of those that did not scratch and claw
to achieve the top rung of the ladder of success.
For that purpose I neither praise nor admonish.
however, always worked for moderate progress.

Following the way of Jesus Christ our Lord.
calls for following the narrow and straight
It is not the path of least resistance but with
His power and Spirit will win with no debate.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Thursday, August 30, 2018


Time was many years ago
when you and I were thick.
We were too young to know
or get caught in loves trick.

Friends it was and will 

always be, and it was great.
That we met and were together
for our Church time date.

Too young to know and to young
to care about getting serious.
The ways of the world were
not in our thoughts also to mysterious.

We struggled along and enjoyed
the freedom of being a friend.
With nothing holding us back
we were happy with the trend.

We drifted our different ways
all through our married life
Never communicating that could
be distress for husband or wife.

Now we are in our winter years
and still the closest of friends.
How much time we have left
depends on what God extends.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett.
August 25, 2016,


Gone is the happiness,
the gladness, and joy.
Struck down by evil
my talent to destroy.

Sensing faulty vibrations
existence has gone awry,
Seeking help from
our Master on High.

Encompassing my being,
by the flowing of his blood,
Enriching nerves and limbs
underneath its furious flood.

Slowly and patiently reentering
vigor, stamina, and perseverance.
The vocal sound, developing
resilience, and coherence.

Extracting a firmer degree of
confidence and talent exchange.
To the original with more
Control, accuracy, and range.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett.
Thursday, August 16, 2018.


I closed my eyes to rest awhile,
seeing again your sweet smile.
Like it was so long ago,
as youngsters, you know.

That curl you fought so hard
kept falling across your eyes.
Tossing your head bobbing the
curl as if it were a surprise.

I thought of clipping it off
however, it was such a part of you.
Also, I wanted to remember
all the little thing you do.

Suddenly from out of the past
there came a deep piercing pain.
In thoughts drifting out of long
ago reminding me again.

That you had left our little town,
for the bright lights of Broadway.
I still feel your goodbye kiss and
the taste of tears as you went away.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Wednesday, August 15, 2018.


Last evening was lovely
chatting of that and this.
Expressing our feelings
of our meetings with bliss.

When we are together
we are one single being.
Even when we are apart
we are always agreeing.

Often one of us will start
a statement or subject.
The other picks it up
and completes it perfectly.

Sometimes this occurs with
Twins, or a Husband and Wife,
that have lived together
many years of their life.

However, with us, it started
when we very first met.
We were on the same channel
and, we are there until yet.

Love meant for us to be together
since the meeting of our green eyes
gazing into the depth of souls,
revealing nothing of any surprise.

Our love was meant to be
as written in the stars.
The entire picture was there
Including these hearts of ours.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett
Thursday, September 6, 2018.


Heavenly Father, extend your hand
hold mine and draw me nearer.
Anoint these lips to speak
Your Word ever clearer.

Touch my ears with Your fingertips
giving sensitivity to follow Your leading.
Carress my mind and soul to hear
and obey the Holy Spirits reading.

Let the Holy Spirit reside in me
to always divide Your Word rightly.
Never attempt to add or take away.
or in any way altering it even slightly.

Stretch my thinking and wisdom
give me a double dose of understanding.
Consistently increasing my memory,
allowing my brain to keep expanding.

Lord, I approach Your Throne with awe,
and a large degree of fear and trembling.
Worshiping Your Holy Name while
creating appropriate message assembling.

Pick me up whenever I may fall,
give me the courage to continue the fight.
Amidst the wiles of the Devil
allow my life to be Your shining light.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Saturday, August 25, 2018.


Events happen as God works in
wondrous, and mysterious ways.
His wonders to perform,
as we continue living out our days.

Service to the Lord, Jesus,
is what we should consider.
However, a lot of us auction
ourselves to the highest bidder.

Following this pattern of human
living, we find ourselves alone.
Desperate, burdened with debt,
fear, and facing the unknown.

Give your problems to Jesus;
everything will be for your best,
leave your troubles and worries,
on him, relax and take your rest.

Transferring your burden on Jesus
does not mean you stop serving.
You will do more for him when
realizing that he is deserving.

Dedicate yourself to the Lord,
His yoke is easy and his burden light.
With full dependence, and faith
in the living God, you will win the fight.

Present yourself a living sacrifice giving
the Holy Trinity your life, heart, and soul.
Seek from God, wisdom, courage, and strength,
only by complete service will you be whole.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Saturday, September 8, 2018,


I have told you all this before.
However, I will be glad to say again.
You are indeed very special
as you have always been.

Before ever making contact
with you, there was a desire.
From the posts and pictures
more knowledge I did acquire.

It was a little higher than I dared
to make contact or try to reach.
However, after the first call,
was the thrill from your speech.

I decided I should make a
move and got somewhat bolder.
Also, was in a hurry as we
both were getting a little older.

At first, it was a matter of looking
for any or all signs of intimacy.
It was quickly moving from talk
to love with a foundation of legitimacy.

Then on your birthday, I wrote to you,
a greeting in the form of a verse.
With a Happy Birthday my dear,
not that good but I’ve written worse.

Also, life has given me one more chance
so Happy Birthday again my sweet.
This one comes with a bit of chocolate
making our love more complete.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, July 30, 2018.


I have told you all this before.
However, I will be glad to say again.
You are indeed very special
as you have always been.

Before ever making contact
with you, there was a desire.
From the posts and pictures
more knowledge I did acquire.

It was a little higher than I dared
to make contact or try to reach.
However, after the first call,
was the thrill from your speech.

I decided I should make a
move and got somewhat bolder.
Also, was in a hurry as we
both were getting a little older.

At first, it was a matter of looking
for any or all signs of intimacy.
It was quickly moving from talk
to love with a foundation of legitimacy.

Then on your birthday, I wrote to you,
a greeting in the form of a verse.
With a Happy Birthday my dear,
not that good but I’ve written worse.

Also, life has given me one more chance
so Happy Birthday again my sweet.
This one comes with a bit of chocolate
making our love more complete.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, July 30, 2018.



I think of you every moment I am
Awake also very often in sleep at night.
You are constantly on my mind,
no matter how much against it I fight.

You are there as I do my daily chores,
so when I am alone, you’re in my mind.
So obsessed with you that you appear
in my thoughts because you’re that kind.

Your love transcends any discomfort
we may have known when first we met.
It was as if were written in the stars
to meet before we had a chance to forget.

We were inseparable as peas in a pod,
planning so fast and furious with our life.
We took no time to think of those around
that did not feel you should be my wife.

In our frantic search for a life together,
there was no room in our heart.
For any those that might object,
we had no thoughts of being apart.

Thus backing down regrouping and going
forward with others in our heart and soul.
Knowing full well that we should slow,
as we had jumped ahead of Gods Control.

Now we have put our lives in slow motion,
for the day when we can again forge ahead.
With all our dreams of combined life,
it is not over only on hold instead.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Monday, August 20, 2018.


When I think of you,
my temperature rises.
You bring on the heat,
in all different sizes.

Whenever I am near you
alternatively, hear your name.
It reminds me once again it’s
not the same without the flame.

I go on a date with others
to a show or in the park
It doesn’t seems right there’s
no flame, not even a spark.

I always come crawling back
with my hat in my hand.
Praying you will accept me,
also, that you will understand.

So as I plead my case before you,
let our love always stay the same.
Moreover, when things began to slow,
let us both start fanning the flame.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Friday, August 3, 2018.


The sun coming up, watching and listening,
observed a slight movement in a pine tree.
A swift movement leaping to another,
almost unobserved he reached limb three.

His tiny body and fluffy tail never grounding,
advancing from tree to tree until invisible.
Observing his world, exploring all possibilities,
for food sources or whatever was permissible.

Gone from sight as another branch fluttered
but this time by a beautiful winged creature.
Presenting a beautiful melodic concert
flying to a new perch for another feature.

Very soon there was an orchestral sound,
with other species blending their voices.
A woodpecker is pecking mockingbird mocking,
offering the ear a considerable amount of choices.

All is well and the day filled with beauty,
Jesus’s creations and creatures all around.
God is in his Kingdom above the clouds,
and I am enjoying while still above ground.

Published and Copyrighted by Preston T. Duckett,
Friday, September 7, 2018.